Vocab 3

  1. admonished
    expressed warning or disapproval
  2. adversity
    hard times; misfortune
  3. arrears
    something owed to another
  4. asunder
    separate into pieces; to separate
  5. beguile
    to trick or cheat
  6. buffoon
    clown; ludicrous figure
  7. chaste
    morally pure in thought or conduct
  8. choleric
    excessive anger; bad temper
  9. consort
    to keep the company of
  10. deferred
  11. diligent
    hard working
  12. embellish
    exaggerate; make beautiful by ornamentation
  13. extort
    to obtain information or money by force
  14. fervent
    passionate; extremely hot
  15. gentry
    people of good birth/ breeding; elite
  16. gnarled
    twisted; rugged and roughened from old age
  17. malice
    desire to inflict suffering upon another
  18. mantle
    sleeveless cloak
  19. mercenary
    hired soldier
  20. motley
    confused collection of various items
  21. pestilence
    plague, disease
  22. prevarication
    deviated from the truth; lie
  23. rancor
    bitter, long-lasting resentment
  24. secular
    not sacred; worlly
  25. sentinel
    one who keeps guard
  26. subdue
    to reduce the intensity of; conquer
  27. tern
    a sea bird
  28. terrestrial
    of/ or characteristic of this earth
  29. transitory
    existing or lasting only a short time
  30. virtuous
    pure and unsullied; chaste
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