GRE Essential Words Q,R

  1. Quagmire
    marsh; difficult situation
  2. Quail
    to cower; lose heart
  3. Qualified
    limited; restricted
  4. Qualm
    sudden feeling of faintness or nausea; useasy feeling about the rightness of actions
  5. Query
    to question
  6. Quibble
    to argue over insignificant and irrelevant details
  7. Quiescent
    inactive; still
  8. Quorum
    number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
  9. Raconteur
    witty; skillful storyteller
  10. Rail
    to scold with bitter or abusive language
  11. Raiment
  12. Ramifications
    implicationl outgrowth; consequence
  13. Rarefied
  14. Rationale
    fundamental reason
  15. Rebus
    puzzle in which pictures or symbols represent words
  16. Recalcitrant
    resisting authority or control
  17. Recant
    to retract a statement or opinion
  18. Recondite
    abstruse; profound
  19. Redoubtable
    formidable; arousing fear; worthy of respect
  20. Refractory
    stubborn; unmanageable; resiting ordinary methods of treatment
  21. Refulgent
    brightly shining; resplendent
  22. Regale
    to entertain
  23. Relegate
    to consign to an inferior position
  24. Remonstrate
    to object or protest
  25. Renege
    to go back on one's word
  26. Repine
    fret; complain
  27. Reprise
    repetition, especially of a piece of music
  28. Reproach
    to find fault with; blame
  29. Reprobate
    morally unprincipled person
  30. Repudiate
    to reject as having no authority
  31. Rescind
    to cancel
  32. Reticent
    not speaking freely; reserved; reluctant
  33. Riposte
    a retaliatory action or retort
  34. Rococo
    excessively ornate; highly decorared; style or architecture in the 18th century Europe
  35. Rubric
    title or heading; category; established mode of prcedure or conduct; protocol
  36. Rue
    to regret
  37. Ruse
    trick; crafty stratagem; subterfuge
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