Consumer Begaviour - Chapter 6

  1. Personality
    a person's unique psychological makeup, which consistenly influences the way the person responds to his or her environment
  2. Lifestyle
    patterns of consumption reflecting a person's choices of how he or she spends time and money
  3. ID
    is entirely orineted towards immediate graticfication
  4. Pleasure Principle
    behaviour is guided by the primary desire to maximize pleasure and avoid pain
  5. Superego
    is the counterweight to the id (person's concience)
  6. Ego
    is the system mediates between the ID and super EGo
  7. motivational Research
    heavy emphasis on unconscious motives.
  8. Archetypes
    These shared memories create......., or universally shared ideasand behaviour patterns.
  9. Traits
    identifiable characteristics that define a person
  10. Idiocentricts
    having an individualist orientation
  11. allocentricts
    having a group orientation
  12. Brand personality
    it's the set of traits people attribute to a product as if it were a person
  13. Brand equity
    it feres to the extent to which consumers hold strong, favorable , and unique associations with a brand in memory.
  14. Animism
    whereby inanimate objectives are given qualities that make them somehow alive
  15. Lifestyle
    it refers to a pattern of consumption reflecting a person's choices of he or she spends time and money.
  16. Co-branding strategies
    other products will become more attractive when associated with others
  17. Product complementary
    it occurs when the symbolic meaning of different products are related to each other.
  18. Psychographics
    which envolves the use of phycological, sociological and anthropological factors
  19. AIOs
    Activities, interests and opinions
  20. 20/80 rule
    20 percent of a product's users account for 80 % of the volume of produict sold.
  21. VALS (values and Lifestyle)
    it divides people into eight groups, according to both psychological characteristics and resources
  22. Geodemography
    it refers to analytical techniques that combine data on consumer expenditures and other socioeconomic factors with geo ingo
  23. Food culture
    is a pattern of food and bevarage comsumption that reflectsz the values of a social group
  24. Behavioural Targeting
    the lattest and hottest extension of lifestyle marketing is....where e-commerce marketers serve up custyomized ads on websites or cable tvs channels.
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