science 22

  1. the passing of materials and energy from one organism to another is called
    a food chain
  2. the first organism in a food chain is
    producer organism
  3. the rest of the organisms in a food chain are the
    consumer organisms
  4. what are decomposer organisms
    they are usually bacteria or fungi that break down the remains of dead organisms and return this material to the soil
  5. why do the ecosystems not have energy cycles
    organisms lose energy that cannot be recovered
  6. name some decomposer organisms
    fungi, bacteria
  7. what kind of organisms at the bottom or an ecologial pyramid
  8. about what percent of the energy is transferred from an organism to the organism that eats it
  9. what is the lowest level (1=bottom) in which a carnivore can occur in an ecological pyramid
    3 or third from the bottom
  10. when do independent organisms interact with other memebers of their species
    for sexual reproduction or mating
  11. which lions defend a pride's territory? which do the most hunting?
    the males, the females
  12. what benefits do elephants recieve from living in herds
    safety from predators
  13. why might a social insect permanently leave its orginal social group
    to mate and form new colonies
  14. _______ may occur when an essential factor is in short supply
  15. in_______, one population benefits and the other is unaffected
  16. what do the predator-scavenger relationship and tree-epiphyte relationship have in common
    both are commensal relationships
  17. how is warning coloration beneficial to a species
    predators avoid species with it
  18. how does the energy in most ecosystems enter the ecosystems
    most energy enters ecosystems as sunlight (photosynthesis)
  19. what is the smallest number of species that can be in a food chain that includes a carnivore
  20. what do decomposer organisms do
    decomposer break down the remains of dead organisms, making those materials available to producers
  21. what is an ecological pyramid
    an illustration that ecologists use to show the relationships of energy in a food chain
  22. what is the name given to organisms that eat only plants
  23. what is the name given to organisms who eat only meat
  24. what is the name of organisms who eat both plants and meat
  25. why is it a disavantage for a parastite to kill its host
    the parasite will have to find a new host or die
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