18th century -swift

  1. Jonathan swift?
    • very important person to the irish
    • his mistress, stella, is buried next to him
    • has Meneres syndrome
    • **best satire writer of all time
  2. Swift's pseudonym?
    • M.B Drapier
    • *wrote pamphlets againts protestants
  3. swifts expectations of gulliver's travels?
    expected it to offend people, but instead it entertained almost everyone
  4. Gulliver's travels?
    satirical against the english gov't
  5. Gulliver?
    a ship's physcian
  6. Land of Brobdingnag?
    gulliver is tiny, the people are huge
  7. Land of Laputa?
    people do useless experiments, everything they do is a waste
  8. Land of Houhynhymns?
    horses are dignified, while humans are the barbarians (yahoos)- uncivilized
  9. Land of Lilliput?
    gulliver is the giants, and everyone else if 1/12th his size
  10. how does he end up in lilliput?
    • he is shipwrecked and when he wakes up the people have him tied down
    • *can burst out of ropes, but he doesnt
    • *lilliputians are shooting arrows at him, but they are so tiny it feels like little pins
  11. What does gulliver to try be?
    he tried to be passive so that they dont feel threatened
  12. Liliputian food?
    very tiny, he could easily eat all their food and still be hungry but he doesnt
  13. Rope dance?
    • liliputians did this get into gov't
    • *represents how easy it is to get into the english gov't
    • *swift tries to say that the english gov't is a bunch of ying yangs
  14. rules gulliver must follow in lilliput?
    • he cant leave
    • he must give them notice before coming into the city
    • must walk on the main roads
    • make sure he doesnt step on anyone
    • help send out mail quicker
    • stay on their side during war
    • help build things
  15. Liliputian enemy?
    enemies from the island of Blefuscu
  16. Reason the lilliputians are fighting?
    • over breaking an egg
    • *symbolizes how england fights over the littlest things
    • *protestant vs. catholic
  17. How do the lilliputians win?
    gulliver makes waves in the water, and pushes the enemies fleet of ships away
  18. Why does gulliver get thrown out of liliput?
    the castle is on fire and so gullive tries to put it out by peeing on it, he accidently pees on the queen though
  19. where is gulliver found in brobdingnag? and by who?
    he hides in a cornfield, and the farm hand finds him and thinks he is a rat
  20. Glumdalclitch?
    • farmers daughter
    • likes gulliver a lot and grows close to him
  21. What does the famer do with gulliver?
    • he sells him to the queen
    • the queen makes him his own room and locks it to keep him safe from bees, monkeys, etc.
  22. gulliver's talks with king?
    • king thinks england's warfare is very violent
    • brobdingnags are gentle giants, against war
    • king thinks gulliver is better than his country
  23. potato famine?
    ireland never recovered from it
  24. A modest proposal?
    • by swift
    • *proposal was to fatten up the unnourished kids and feed them to the english families
  25. What does swift say happens to kids who grow up?
    they become thieves, leave their native country or sell themselves to barbadoes
  26. What will the plan prevent from happening?
    • abortions
    • parents murdering their kids
  27. Reason why eating kids is a good idea?
    • get rid of catholics
    • make money
    • country will get richer
    • dont have to take care of them after a year
    • new gourmet dish
    • great inducement to marriage (men treat wives better)
    • solve pig population
  28. What does it compare the irsh to?
    animals, thats how the english saw the irish
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