Mario Serrano

  1. a bit
    • informal, A small amount; some.
    • There is no sugar in the sugar bowl, buy you may find a bit some in the bag.
    • If the ball had hit the window a bit harder, it would have broken it.
    • This sweater scratches a bit.
  2. about to
    • Close to; ready to
    • We were about to leave when the swon began.
    • I have not gone yet, but I am about to.
    • -Used with an infinitive in negative sentences
    • Will she comes with us? asked Bill. She is no about to, answered Mary
  3. A Few
    • A small number (of peoople or things); some
    • The dry weather killed most of Mother`s flowers, but a few were left
    • We thought many people would cometo lunch, but only a few came.
    • Three students have no seats; we need a few more chairs.
  4. After all
    • As a change in plans; anyway.
    • Bob thought he could not go to the party because he had too much homework, but he went after all.
  5. After a while or in a while.
    Later, at some time in the future; after a time that is not short and not long.

    Dad, will you help me make this model plane? After a while , Jimmy, when I finished reading the newspaper
  6. A little
    A small amount.

    We thought that the paper was all gone, but a little was left.
  7. a la
    In the same way as: like.

    Billy played ball like a champion today, a la the professional ball players.
  8. alive and kicking
    Very active; vigorous; full of energy.

    Grandpa was taken to the hospital with pneumonia, but he was descharged yesterday and is alive and kicking.
  9. all at once
    At the same time; together.

    • The teacher told the childrens to talk one at a time; if they all talked at one time, she could not understan them.
    • Bill can play the piano, sing and lead his orchestra all at once.
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