Japanese Vocab 21B

  1. furo/ofuro
  2. furo/ofuro ni hairu
    take a bath
  3. saki ni
  4. shokuji ni suru
    make it dinner; have dinner
  5. shite mo
    also (or even) having done
  6. shite mo ii?
    will also (or even) having done [it] be all right? may [I] do [it]
  7. haa
    /polite equivalent of hai/
  8. dochira de mo
    whichever (of two) it is; wherever it is
  9. dochira de mo kekkou da
    either one is fine; anywhere is fine
  10. kimochi ga ii
    is pleasant
  11. tokonoma
  12. muri /na/
    unreasonable, excessive, forced, impossible
  13. futon/ofuton
    Japanese-style quilt for sleeping; futon
  14. siku /-u; siita/
    to spread out
  15. osokute mo (遅くても)
    also (or even) being late; at the latest
  16. to iu koto wa
    the fact expressed thus (i.e., as what you just said); that is to say
  17. sumaseru /-ru; sumaseta/
    bring to an end, finish
  18. sumu /-u; sunda/
    come to an end
  19. okosu /-u; okoshita/
    wake (someone) up
  20. okiru /-ru; okita/
    wake up; get up
  21. shouchi-suru
    agree to; consent to
  22. shite n darou
    contraction of "shiteiru n darou"
  23. enkai
    dinner party (Japanese-style)
  24. hirouen
    (wedding) reception (Japanese-style)
  25. konpa (コンパ)
    (student) party (Japanese-style) / [mixer]
  26. paat(e)ii
  27. shiizun
    the season
  28. nigiyaka /na/
    lively; bustling; prosperous
  29. shawaa o abiru
    take a shower
  30. konpa (コンパ)
  31. nomikai (飲み会)
    gathering for drinks; getting together for drinks
  32. kamau (構う)
    mind; care about; be concerned about
  33. saki ni (先に)
    ahead (of time or place)
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Japanese Vocab 21B
Japanese Vocab 21B