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  1. The basic unit of heredity is the
  2. A scientific method that seeks to discover cause-and-effect relationships by introducing independent variables and observing their effect on dependent variables is the _______ method
  3. A correlation coefficient is a number that varies between
    -1.00 and 1.00
  4. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, about ________ percent of females report having 11 or more sexual partners since age 18
  5. The tendency of subjects to provide researchers with politically correct or ideal answers is typical of
    the social desirability bias
  6. Winning the lottery tends to
    result in only a temporary boost in happiness
  7. According to Vladimir Horowitz, the worst thing that can befall concert pianists during a performance is to
    think about what their fingers are doing
  8. Scientists have found that, on average, as people's stress levels increase, the functioning of their immune system decreases. This is an example of
    a positive correlation
  9. Dressing warmly, exercising,, or turning up the thermostat when we are cold are examples of
  10. It now appears that genetic factors are involved to some degree in ______ human traits and behaviors
    nearly all
  11. An eating disorder characterized by cycles of binge eating and dramatic method for purging, such as vomiting, is
    bulimia nervosa
  12. In an experiment, if there are two groups being studied and one group is given alcohol to measure its effects while the other group is not given alcohol, the people receiving the alcohol would be considered
    the experimental group
  13. Teenagers today write
    more than any recent generation
  14. The "S" in the SQ3R system stands for
  15. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, about _______ percent of males reported having 11 or more sex partners since age 18
  16. Psychology is the study of
    mental processes and observable behavior
  17. As we began the new millennium, _______ percent of US residents were members of traditionally recognized ethnic or minority groups
  18. Psychologists traditionally attempt to understand or explain behavior in terms of the workings of the _____ system, according to your text
  19. Today, ______ women are in the work force and they are paid ______ men in comparable positions
    most, less than
  20. Each of the following is a reason presented in your text for studying diversity EXCEPT
    knowledge of such grouops allows for better identification and control of dissident elements within those groups
  21. Subjects drawn from a large group who are observed for research purposes are called a
  22. Coping behavior that permits people to meet the demands of the environment is called
  23. Which of the following is NOT used to help control for subjects' behavior and expectations in an experimental study
    a selection factor
  24. Each of the following is true EXCEPT
    even today, women in the US are legally prevented from earning doctorates in many scientific fields
  25. Which of the following is true of genetic factors and psychological adjustment?
    Genetic factors interact with environmental factors and psychological factors to influence behavior
  26. People normally have _______ pairs of chromosomes
  27. An organized means of expanding and refininf knowlege, consisting of a group of principles that generally guide scientists' research endevors, is known as
    the scientific method
  28. A sample drawn such that known subgroups within a population are represented in proportion to their members in the population is a ______ sample
  29. In the Literary Digest poll discussed in your text, the poll incorrectly indicated that Alf Landon would defeat Franklin Roosevelt in the upcoming election. In the real election, Roosevelt won in a landslide. The poll's inaccuracy was due to
    the fact that the poll surveyed people over the phone, and at the time, only the wealthy had telephones
  30. Each of the following is true of test anxiety EXCEPT
    it is not commonly found among college students
  31. Scientific research has found
    no basis for beliefs that one's personality is related to one's birth sign
  32. ________ are strands of DNA that consist of genes
  33. Lang's (1975) study found that men who drank non-alcoholic tonic water, but who had been led to believe that it contained alcohol
    were more aggressive than men who had unknowingly drank tonic water actually containing alcohol
  34. About one in ______ male and female drivers report texting messages while driving
  35. Each of the following is true EXCEPT
    most health-related product claims on the internet are scientifically valid
  36. A relationship between variables in which one variable increases as the other decreases is a
    a negative correlation
  37. About _____ percent of American college students report either Hispanic, black, or Asian ethnicity
  38. To psychologists, a complete group of organisms or events targeted for research is called a
  39. The person who on average earns the most money per year is someone with a
    Professional degree
  40. The problem of overloading our mental resources is especially keen when it comes to tasks that
    engage the same parts of the brain
  41. Women were first allowed to attend college in the US in
  42. A method of research based on a carefully drawn biography obtained through interviews, questionnaires, or psychological tests is
    the case study method
  43. A researcher knows that 12 percent of a target population is African American and 9 percent is Hispanic American. The researcher selects her sample so that she ends up with a sample containing exactely 12% African Americans and 9% Hispanics. This researcher used a _____ sample
  44. Processes by which people respond to environmental pressures and cope with stress are known as
  45. In psychology, the term "nurture" refers to
    the effects of the environment on human development
  46. Unscientific accounts of people's behavior are referred to al
  47. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic steps to the scientific method?
    drawing on information from other belief systems
  48. In an experiment, if there are two groups being studied and one group is given alcohol to measure its effects, while the other group is not given alcohol, the alcohol would be considered
    the treatment
  49. Large-scale surveys of sexual behavior such as those run by Sports Ilustrated or People magazine of their readers probably do not reflect the attitudes of the general American population because of
    volunteer bias
  50. Most challenges offer us the opportunity to
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