Enzyme/ ATP Science test

  1. What is the function of an enzyme?
    not to supply energy, but they make the energy you have much more efficent
  2. What is another word for enzyme?
    catalyst (gets things going)
  3. Define: Substrate
    any substance that is going to react
  4. Image Upload 1
    • A. Active Site
    • B. Reactive Site
  5. Image Upload 2What is this showing?
    The substrate complex (catabolic)
  6. Image Upload 3What is this showing?
    Synthesis Reactions (anabolic)
  7. What ending do many enzymes end with?
  8. Image Upload 4What is this showing? And what are A and B?
    • Enzyme Process
    • A. Beginning Substrate
    • B. End Product
  9. How are enzymes regulated?
    • competitive inhibitors
    • non-competitive inhibitors
  10. Image Upload 5
    • A. Allosteric Site
    • B. Altered active site
  11. What is denaturing?
    breaking of hydrogen bonds
  12. You need a ________ that doesn't use all of the energy at once.
  13. Cells have energy ______.
  14. What are the two types of cell energy?
    • 1. free energy available for use
    • 2. poterntial energy locked up in molecules
  15. What is ATP?
    adenosine triphoshate
  16. What do people die of?
    lack of ATP
  17. What is the cell's energy currency?
  18. Your body needs a constant supply of ______ or you die.
  19. How is ATP formed?
    bonding a third phosphate group to ADP
  20. ADP= adenine(_______), ribose (______), and two _______ groups.
    • protein
    • sugar
    • phosphate
  21. When a ______ phosphate group is bonded to ADP ______ is stored.
    • third
    • energy
  22. Is the forming of ADP to ATP a continual process?
  23. When is energy given off?
    when the thrid phosphate breaks off (ATP to ADP)
  24. What is the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
    everything in nature eventually will turn to crud
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