MSII Test 1

  1. An antigen that causes a hypersensitive reaction
  2. A protein that is created in response to a specific antigen
  3. A substance, usually a protein, that is capable of stimulating a response from the immune system
  4. Resistance to or protection from a disease
  5. Latex gloves allergy can cause
    allergic contact dermatitis
  6. Soaps allergy can cause
    atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  7. Food allergy can cause
  8. Insect venom, antibiotics allergy can cause
  9. Pollen, dust allergy can cause
  10. What is responsible for the development of resistant bacterial strains
    Bacterial cells mutation, overuse of antibiotics
  11. What are complications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    ear pain, seizures, bradycardia
  12. Which meds often place patients at risk for infection?
    Steroids and antineoplastics
  13. What are effects of histamine on the body during anaphylaxis?
    Edema and bronchospasm
  14. A hormone produced by the adrenal cortex that is anti-inflammatory is
  15. Cells that are produced to clean up inflammatory debris are
  16. How much fluid is required by patients with infections
    2 L per day
  17. People with generalized infections become dehydrated because of
    fever and anorexia
  18. Any items that jave been touched or cross contaminated by the host, such as bed linens are called
  19. Process of ingesting and digesting invading pathogens, dead cells, and cellular debris
  20. Process of self-recognition that occurs as part of normal neonatal growth and development
  21. Response when IgM immunoglobins on the surface of B lymphocytes detect a foreign antigen
    antibody mediated immunity
  22. System activated only when needed in response to a specific antigen
    acquired immunity
  23. Response aimed at intracellular defects caused by viruses and cancer; responsible for delayed hypersensitivity reactions and transplant organ tissue rejection
    Cell-mediated immunity
  24. Contains antibody IgA and phagocytes
    Respiratory and GI secretions
  25. What are related to active acquired immunity
    when a person produces his or her own antibodies in response to a pathogen, permanent, occurs when given a vaccine, when a person has an infection and produces her own antibodies
  26. What may cause shift to the right
    when body has been overwhelmed by infection or when bone marrow is not producing enough neutrophils
  27. A class of fatty acids that regulates vasodilation, temperature elevation WBC activation and other immune processes
  28. Substances that make the antigen more recognizable to neutrophils, monocytes, and macrophages
  29. When there is a breakdown of tolerance, what types of diseases occur?
  30. The body�s ability to determine self from nonself is
  31. A blood test that detects antibodies present in the blood that may indicate autoimmune disorder
    antinuclear antibody test
  32. What diagnostic procedure is done to detect and identify microorganisms in the blood
    blood culture
  33. The function of colony stimulating factors is to stimulate the
    bone marrow to produce more blood cells
  34. A condition that puts a patient at increased risk of infection
  35. A cancer of the WBC in which the bone marrow produces too many immature WBCs
  36. Patient falls below WHAT to institute compromised host precautions
    100 absolute neutrophil count
  37. Leukemia patients with HCT <30 and HBG<10
  38. Most dangerous side effect of antineoplastic drugs
    bone marrow suppression
  39. A drug that boosts the body�s natural defenses to combat malignant cells
  40. Comp host precautions may be needed for patients with
  41. What is used to detect CNS, spinal column, neck bones, and joints
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