Lect 2: Church Planting

  1. Recognize the source of a church planting vision for a lead church planter.
    1.1 Prayer

    1.2 Self-awareness

    1.3 Your passions

    1.4 Your track record of anointing

    1.5 The needs God highlights for you
  2. Recognize the two initial steps of church planting.
    1.1 Identify the location for the church

    1.2 Identify the potential membership
  3. Recognize the essential characteristics of a church planting vision
    1.1 Answers the question, “Why am I doing this?”

    1.2 Answers the question, “What kind of church will this be?”

    1.3 Focuses on future possibilities

    1.4 Specific enough for people to “taste it” or clearly imagine it

    1.5 Specific enough for people to know what it isn’t

    • 1.6 Has a “challenge” to it requiring faith in God’s power and mercy
    • 1.6.1 Has a sense of importance or urgency

    1.6.2 Big visions motivate more than small visions

    1.6.3 Must still be reasonably possible – not just a wild, impossible dream

    1.7 Must be reducible to a few phrases or points that can be remembered and repeated
  4. Recognize the components of an expanded vision statement.
    1.1 Values

    1.2 Priorities

    1.3 Practices to be instilled

    1.4 Target(s) to be reached

    • 1.5 Ministry model
    • 1.5.1 Over-all style or culture

    1.5.2 How people become involved

    1.5.3 Standards or key values for how ministry is done

    1.6 Doctrinal statement

    1.7 Overall strategy for reaching people
  5. Recognize the recommended ways of using the church planting vision.
    1.1 Have a short and long version of the vision

    1.2 Verbal version for personal meetings and repeating at key points in public meetings

    1.3 Use parts in all written communication – programs, websites, letterhead, business cards, signs, etc.

    1.4 Preach it one or two sermons a year

    1.5 Include longer version in newcomer welcome events and membership class

    1.6 Use in planning process to weigh progress and set priorities
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