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  1. In creating a presentation for her co-workers about the stress-reducing benefits of yoga, Whitney found herself trying to come up with a clear and concise way to arrange all of her information. Based on criteria found in your textbook, choose the best list of Main Points for Whitney's speech
    MP1 - Yoga is peaceful; MP2 - Yoga is invigorating; MP3 - Yoga is healthy
  2. a specific purpose statement is
    the goal of the speech but is not stated in the speech itself
  3. TOF When choosing words for one's speech, it is important to ensure that the connotative meanings of the words (the literal or dictionary definitions) are appropriate for the audience.
  4. One of the most effective strategies for creating a lasting impression in a speech is _________.
  5. Former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan wrote,"Good hard simple words with good hard clear meanings are good things to use when you speak. They are like pickets in a fence, slim and unimpressive on their own but sturdy and effective when strung together."This statements refers to the guiding principle of ____________ in effective speech writing.
  6. Molly has decided to give her informative speech this semester in CMST 3060 on the topic of the three most popular retirement communities in America. Selecting this specific topic
    is appropriate because of the research she gathered that showed most of her audience members have direct relatives in retirement communities
  7. In general, presenters should restrict the number of main points in a speech to between ___________.
    2 and 5
  8. The principles of coordination and subordination refer to the process of coordinating resources for a speech and ensuring that the proper hierarchy of sources is represented throughout the presentation.
  9. Courtney has been asked to give a presentation to an entry-level Communication Studies class about her experiences studying in Italy for a semester. As she begins to prepare her speech, the best approach for Courtney to take is to ...
    talk to the professor that invited her to speak to find out specific information about her audience members and survey the students directly about their experiences with study abroad
  10. As part of understanding your audience, a good speaker will assess the context (or rhetorical situation) as well as the physical setting that will surround his or her audience when the presentation is given. This includes but is not limited to assessing the type of equipment that will be available for the presentation, the size of the room and size of the anticipated audience, and local events that recently occurred.
  11. In his presentation, Henry incorporated an effective speaking rate, pauses, volume, and pitch. These components are collectively referred to as …
    vocal variet
  12. According to your text, there is one principle or key to keep in mind to achieve effective vocal delivery.
  13. Carsyn gave a presentation in which she had fantastic pauses, volume, pitch, and effective gestures. She avoided vocal fillers and smiled at the audience. She told lots of stories and gave numerous examples to help convey the information, but her audience seemed confused about her speech’s overall purpose. Although she had extraordinary delivery skills, Carsyn forgot to …
    focus on the message
  14. Words such as “and uh,” “um,” “like,” and“you know” that are used during pauses while speaking are referred to as …
    vocal fillers
  15. While attending her firm's monthly meeting, Lauren was told that she would need to give a two-minute report on her department's latest project. In this situation, the best approach for Lauren to take is to ...
    use the notes she prepared in case she was asked to give an update, mark a few key main points that she wants to present, and listen to the rest of the meeting before she is called to the podium
  16. In most situations, choosing the extemporaneous style of delivery (where the speaker prepares well in advance and delivers from an outline of key words and phrases) is appropriate.
  17. _______________ is a sign of mutual welcome at the start of a speech, of mutual comfort and interest during the speech, and of mutual goodwill at the close of a speech.
    A smile
  18. TOF In general, don't try to memorize entire speeches.
  19. The proper volume for delivering a speech is somewhat louder than that of normal conversation. Just how much louder depends on three factors:
    the size of the room and number of people in the audience, whether or not you use a microphone, and the level of background nois
  20. TOF Eye contact is mandatory in establishing a positive relationship with your listeners. Having eye contact with the audience is one of the most, if not the most, important physical actions in public speaking
  21. Raven is trying to decide how to best convey information to her audience for her informative speech. Which of the following is NOT a recommended strategy for conveying information in an informative speech:
    use an outline
  22. In her speech to the Faculty Senate, Courtney’s main points highlighted the changes in LSU’s parking policies since 1980. Ideally, Courtney should organize her speech using what organizational pattern:
  23. Molly is giving a speech on courage. In her presentation she stated, “Courage is not the absence of fear.” This statement is a …
    definition by negation
  24. Colling is working on a speech designed to convince his audience members to train for a marathon. Which of the following organization patterns would be best suited to Collin's goal of getting his audience members to take action?
    Monroe's motivated sequence
  25. In an informative speech, the speaker should strive to enlighten his/her audience rather than advocating for a particular position.
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