GRE Essential Words I

  1. Iconoclastic
    attacking cherished traditions
  2. Igneous
    produced by fire; volcanic
  3. Imbroglio
    complicated sitation; and entanglememt
  4. Immutable
  5. Impair
    to damage; injure
  6. Impassive
    showing no emotion
  7. Impecunious
    poor; having no money
  8. Impede
    to hinder; block
  9. Impermeable
    impossible to penetrate
  10. Immperturbable
    not easily disturbed
  11. Impervious
    impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
  12. Impinge
    to strike; encroach
  13. Implacable
    inflexible; incapable of bing pleased
  14. Implausible
    unlikely; unbelievable
  15. Implicit
    implied; understood but not stated
  16. implode
    collapse inward violently
  17. Imprecation
  18. Impute
    to relate to a particular cause or source; attribute the fault to; assign as a characteristic
  19. Inadvertently
    carelessly; unintentionally
  20. Inchoate
    imperfectly formed or formulated
  21. Incongruity
    state of not fitting
  22. Inconsequential
    insignificant; unimportant
  23. Incursion
    sudden invasion
  24. Indeterminate
    uncertin; indefinite
  25. Indigence
  26. Indolent
    habitually lazy; idle
  27. Ineluctable
    not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable
  28. Inert
    unable to move; sluggish
  29. Ingenuous
    naive and trusting; lacking sophistication
  30. Inherent
    firmly established by nature or habit
  31. Innocuous
  32. Insensible
    unconscious; unrepronsive
  33. Insinuate
    to suggest; say indirectly; imply
  34. Insipid
    lacking in flavour; dull
  35. Insouciant
    indifferent; lacking concern or care
  36. Insularity
    narrow-mindedness; isolation
  37. Insuperable
    insurmountable; unconquerable
  38. Intangible
    not material
  39. Interdict
    to forbid; prohibit; to confront and halt the activites, advance or entry of
  40. Internecine
    deadly to both sides
  41. Interpolate
    to insert; change by adding new words or material
  42. Interregnum
    intercal between reigns; gap in continuity
  43. Intractable
    not easily managed
  44. Intransigence
    stubborness; refusal to compromise
  45. Inundate
    cover with water; overwhelm
  46. Inured
    hardened; accustomed; used to
  47. Invective
    verbal abuse
  48. Inveigh
    to disapprove; protest vehemently
  49. Inveigle
    to win over by flattery or coaxing
  50. Inveterate
    confirmed; long-standing; deeply rooted
  51. Invidious
    likely to provoke ill will; offensive
  52. Irascible
    easily angered
  53. Irresolute
    unsure of how to act; weak
  54. Itinerant
    wandering form place to place; unsettled
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