SAT Vocab-Week 6:Column 2

  1. Obliterate
    demolish, destroy all trace of
  2. Oblivious
    so preoccupied as not to notice
  3. Obloquy
    public disgrace, ill repute
  4. Obnoxious
    odious, hateful, offensive, repugnant
  5. Obscene
    foul, offensive, disgusting, indecent
  6. Obscure
    dim, murky, not easily seen or understood, abstruse
  7. Obsequious
    servile, overly willing to obey
  8. Obsess
    beset, haunt the mind
  9. Obsolescent
    becoming obsolete
  10. Obstreperous
    noisy, boisterous
  11. Obtrude
    to enter when not invited
  12. Obturate
    to stop or close by covering, to shut
  13. Obtuse
    dull, not having acute sensibility
  14. Obviate
    meet and dispose of, making unnecessary
  15. Obvious
  16. Ocarina
    a small wind instrument
  17. Occidental
    pertaining to the part of the earth west of Asia
  18. Occipital
    pertaining to the back of the head
  19. Ocellated
    studded with the figures of little eyes, spotted
  20. Odoriferous
    giving scent, diffusing fragrance, perfumed
  21. Oleaginous
  22. Omit
    leave, pass by, or neglect; leave out
  23. Omnipotent
  24. Onerous
    difficult and unpleasant, burdensome
  25. Opprobrium
    reproach for disgraceful conduct, infamy
  26. Optimum
    best for a purpose, most favorable
  27. Orbicular
    circular, orb-shaped
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SAT Vocab-Week 6:Column 2