SAT Vocab-Week 6:Column 1

  1. Niggardly
  2. Nihilism
    disbelief in religion or moral principles
  3. Nimbus
    bright cloud around the head of a deity, represented in art as a bright disk
  4. Nirvana
    in Buddhism, the state of perfect blessedness
  5. Noctambulist
    one who walks in his sleep
  6. Nocturne
    a piece of music designed to be played at night
  7. Node
    knot or protuberance
  8. Nomenclature
    the names of things in any art or science, the whole vocabulary of technical terms that are appropriate to any particular branch of science
  9. Nonagenarian
    a person in his 90's
  10. Nonchalant
    indifferent, cool, unconcerned
  11. Noncompliance
    failure to comply
  12. Nonpareil
    without equal
  13. Nonsensical
    absurd, foolish
  14. Non sequitur
    Latin phrase meaning "it does not follow"; a statement or conclusion that does not follow logically from what has gone before
  15. Nougat
    a pasty candy containing nuts
  16. Noxious
    harmful, injurious, unwholesome
  17. Nuncio
    permanent representative of the Pope
  18. Nuzzle
    rub or push with the nose, nestle, snuggle
  19. Obdurate
    callous, hardened
  20. Obeisance
    gesture of respect, such as bowing
  21. Obelisk
    a slender four-sided pillar, gradually tapering as it rises, having the top in the form of a pyramid
  22. Obesity
    excessive fatness
  23. Obfuscate
    confuse, make obscure
  24. Obituary
    an account of the decease of a person or persons
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