Geography Rainforest and Deserts

  1. What are seven reasons are there to cut the rainforest down?
    • 1. Farming land for crops.
    • 2. Wood provides fuel and shelter.
    • 3. Used to make grazing land for large cattle ranches.
    • 4. Industrial companies use the land for mining bauxite,iron ore and tin.
    • 5. Used for sugar-cane plantations: not for food but for the production of alcool.
    • 6. Used for making roads, railways and airstrips.
    • 7. For it's valuable timber, especially hard wood.
  2. Each year how much of the rainforest is being cut down?
    Half the size of England.
  3. What effects would happen by cutting down the rainforest?
    The effects of cutting down the rainforest is that there are no shelter for the top soil - which is fertile - gets eroded away. Cutting down the trees means less food is grown which leads to starvation. It also lead to less shelter for animals to live so people aren't able to hunt for food. If there's no shelter the soil will fill the rivers and kill the fishes and the tribes use it for washing or cooking. the more trees are cut down the less CO2 is being absorbed.
  4. What would you do to protect the rainforest?
    • 1. protect 25% of the rainforest now.
    • 2. Large-scale industial developments must undertake protection of the top soil.
    • 3. All clearings have to be replanted with fast growing trees and chemical fertilisers.
    • 4. Recycle paper.
    • 5. Fairer trade prices paid for timber by rich countries.
  5. What is happening to the hot deserts of the world?
    The desert areas of the world are growing larger, and sadly many of people and their lands are. The land is changing into a desert, this is known as desertifacation.
  6. What are the causes of desertification?
    Increasing Population --> More Food Needed --> Farmers Farm on Poorer Soil --> Overgrazing --> Soil Erosion --> Desrtification.
  7. What reasons are for the spread of the desert?
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Geography Rainforest and Deserts
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