GRE Essential Words F

  1. Facetious
  2. facilitate
    to make less difficult
  3. Factotum
    a person who does all sorts of work; handyman
  4. Fallacious
    based on a false idea or fact; misleading
  5. Fallow
    plowed but not sowed; uncultivated
  6. Fatuous
    foolishly self-satisfied
  7. Fauna
    animals of a period or region
  8. Fawing
    seeking favor by flattering
  9. Felicitous
    suitably expressed; appropriate; well-chosen
  10. Feral
    existing in a wild or untamed state
  11. Fervor
    warmth and intensity of emotion
  12. Fetid
    having a bad smell
  13. Fetter
    to bind; confine
  14. Fiat
    arbitrary order; authorization
  15. Fidelity
    loyalty; exact correspondence
  16. Finesse
    to handle with a deceptive or evasive strategy; to use finesse, that is, refinement in performance
  17. Fissure
  18. Flag
    to droop; grow weak
  19. Fledgling
    beginner; novice
  20. Flora
    plants of a region or era
  21. Florid
    ruddy; reddish; flowery
  22. Flourish
    embellishment ot ornamentation
  23. Flout
    to treat scornfully
  24. Flux
    flowing; a continuous moving
  25. Forment
    to incite; arouse
  26. Forberance
  27. Forstall
    to prevent; delay
  28. Formidable
    menacing; threatening
  29. Forswear
    renounce; repudiate
  30. Founder
    to sink; fail; collapse
  31. Fracas
    a loud quarrel; brawl
  32. Fractious
    quarrelsome; unruly; rebellious
  33. Fresco
    a painting done on plaster
  34. Frieze
    ornamental band on a wall
  35. Froward
    stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient
  36. Frugality
  37. Fulminate
    so excessive as to be disgusting
  38. Fusion
    union; synthesis
  39. Futile
    ineffective; useless; fruitless
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