Psychology of Learning 2

  1. Concurent-chain schedule of reinforcement
    a complex reinforcement procuedure in which the participant is permitted to choose during the first link wiuch of several simple reinfrocemnt scheldues will be in effect in the second link. Once a choice has been made, the rejected alternatives become unalbilile until the start of the next trial
  2. Concurrent schedule
    a complex freinforcement porcdeure in whihc the participant can choose any one of two or more simple reinforcement schedlues that are availibe simultaneouly. Concurrent schedules allow for the measurement of difrect choce between simple schedule alternatives
  3. Continuous reinforcement
    A schedule of reinforcement in whihc every ocurrence of the instrumental response produces the reinofrcer
  4. Cumulative record
    a graphical representation of how a repsonse is repeated over time, with passage of time represented by the horizontal distance and the total or cumulative number of responses that have occurred up to a particular point in time represented by the vertical distance
  5. Fixed interval scallop
    the gradually increasing rate of repsonding that occurs between successive reinformcents on a fixed interval schedule
  6. fixed interval schedule
    a reinfrocement scehulde in whihc the reinfrocer is delivered for the first response that occurs after a fixed amount of time following the last reinfrocer or the beginning of the trial
  7. Fixed ratio schedule
    a reinforcement shceidle in whihc a fixed number of responses must occur in order for the next response to be reinforced
  8. intermittednt reinforcement
    • a schedule of reinforcement in which only only some of the occurens of the instrumental resposne are reinforced. The instrumental response is reinforced occasionaly.
    • Partial reinformcent
  9. Inter-resposne time
    the interval between one response and the next. IRT can be differentially reinfroced in the same fashoin as other aspects of behavior such as response force or variabliity
  10. interval schedule
    a reinforcement scheudle in which a response is reinforce only if it occurs after a set amount of time following the last reinforce or start of the trial
  11. limited hold
    a restriction on how long a reinoforcer reamins available. In order for a response to be reinforced it must occur before the end of the limitted hold period
  12. matching law
    a rule for instrumental behavior, proposed by R. J haernstien, which states that the relative rate of responing on a particular resposne alterantive equals the relative rate of reinforcement for that resposne alternative
  13. melioration
    a mechanis, for acheiveing matcing by responding so as to improve the local rates of reinforcment for resposne alternatives
  14. post-reinforcment pasue
    a pause in responding that typically occurs after the delivery of the reinforcer on a fixed ration and fixed interval schedules of reinforcment
  15. ratio run
    the high and invariant rate of respnding observed after the postreinfrocement pasue on fixed ratio schedules. The ratio run ends when the necessary number of responses have been perfomred and the participant is reinforced
  16. ratio scehdule
    a reinforcement schedule in which reinfromcent depnds only on the number of response the participant performs, irrespective of wen theose repsonse occur
  17. ration strain
    disruption of repsonding that occurs when a fixed raiton resposne requeiment is increasd to rapidly
  18. response rate schedule
    a reinfrocemnt scehudle in which a repsone is reinforfce depedning on how sonn that repsone is made after the pervioes occurrent of the behavior
  19. schedule of reinforcement
    a program or rile that deterimenes how and whihen the occrent of a repsonse will be follwoed by the delivery of the reinforcer
  20. undermatcing
    less sensitivity to the realtive rate of reinforcemnt that preduceted by the matching law
  21. value discouting function
    the mathematical fucntion that describes how reinforce valie decreases as a funciton of how long one has to wia t for delivery of the reinfrocer
  22. varibale interval schedule
    a reinfrocemnbt sechiedle in whoihc reinfreceoent is provided for the first repsoen that occurs after a verabile amount of time from the last reinforcer or start of the trial
  23. variable ratio schedule
    a reinforcement schedule in which the number of responses necessary to produce reinfrocement varies from trial to trial. The value of the schedule refers to the average number of resposne needed for reinforcment
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