Chapter 8

  1. Dystocia
    slow or difficlt childbirth
  2. vulva
    external female genetalia; includes labia, hymen, clitoris and vaginal oriface
  3. mamm/o
  4. bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
    surgical excistion of both ovaries and fallopian tubes
  5. endometriosis
    a condition resulting in pain. abnormal occurance of functional endometrial tissue outside the uterus
  6. bartholin gland
    small mucus secreteing glads at vaginal oriface
  7. abruptio placentae
    placentae prematurely seperates from the uterus
  8. oophor/o
  9. episi/o
  10. menarche
    first menstral period
  11. glact/o
  12. hyster/o
    uterus/ womb
  13. female gamete
    ovum - sexual reproductive cell
  14. PID
    pelvic inflammitory disease
  15. ovul/o
  16. cul-de-sac
    region in the lower abdomen midway between rectum and uterus
  17. perineum
    on females the area between vagina and anus
  18. metr/o
  19. labia majora
    outer lips of the vagina
  20. cervix
    lower neck like portion of uterus
  21. o/o
  22. gynecomastia
    abnormal enlargement of breast in a male
  23. mammary papilla
    nipple of breast
  24. mast/o
  25. cephalic version
    head first presentaion for birth
  26. ovaries
    female organ, almond shaped, size of large walnuts, and provide eggs and hormones
  27. leukorrhea
    a think whiteish discharge from the vagina or cervical canal
  28. adnexa uteri
    fallopian tubes, ovaries and supporting ligaments
  29. lact/o
  30. oligomenorrhea
    infrequent or very light menstruation
  31. hyaline membrane disease
    aka. respiratory distress syndrome. respiratory disease in newborn
  32. cervicitis
    inflammation of the cervix of the uterus
  33. dyspareunia
    difficult or painful sexual intercourse
  34. episiotomy
    incission of the perineum during childbirth to ease delivery
  35. placenta
    the organ that allows interchange between fetus and mother
  36. pyosalpinx
    collection of pus in uterine tube
  37. chorion
    • outermost layer or the twom membranes surrounding embryo,
    • it forms the fetal part of placenta
  38. colp/o
  39. neonatal
    care of newborn
  40. neonatology
    branch of medicine that studies disorders and care of the newborn
  41. endometrium
    inner, musous membrand ling of the uterus
  42. culdocentesis
    aspiration of fluid collected though the vagina into the cul-de-sac
  43. oviducts
    fallopian tubes
  44. clitoris
    organ of sensitive erective tissue, anterior to the opening of the urethra
  45. oxytocia
    rapid labor
  46. graafian follicle
    small sac embedded in ovary that encloses ovum
  47. fimbriae
    finger like projections to catch eggs at end of the fallopian tubes
  48. choriocarcinoma
    a melignant tumor of the uterus
  49. follicle-stimulating hormone
    FSH- hormone produced by the pituitary gland, causes ovaries to swell and release ripe ova
  50. amnion
    inner most membranous sac surrounding the developing fetus
  51. preeclampsia
    a toxemia of late pregnancy, characterized by hypertension, proteinuria, and edemia
  52. endometrial carcinoma
    cancer of the inner lining of uterus
  53. cystadenocarcinoma
    malignant tumor derrived from glandular tissue, usually in ovaries
  54. anteversion
    • the tipping forward of an entire organ or part
    • turning forward without bending
  55. menconium
    baby first stool, usually greenish in color
  56. mons pubis
    pad of tissue overlying the pubic symphysis
  57. *to examine by touch?
  58. parturition
  59. coitus
    sexual intercourse
  60. annovultary
    no egg being discharged, no ovulation
  61. orfice
  62. perineorrhaphy
    suture of perineum
  63. luteinizing hormone
    LH - promotes ovulation as well as secretion of androgens and progesterone
  64. gestation
    period from fertilizatio of the ovum to birth
  65. zygote
    after the ovum is fertilized, first stage of development of fetus
  66. hydrocephalus
    abnormal condition where there is excess fluid in the cranium
  67. LMP
    last menstral period
  68. hypomastia
    abnormal smallness of the breast
  69. parurient
    • giving birth or pertaining to birth
    • woman in labor
  70. lochia
    vaginal discharge occuring during the first week or two after childbirth
  71. pelvimetry
    process of measuring the pelvis and birth canal
  72. eutocia
    normal labor or childbirth
  73. primiparous
    woman with one borne child
  74. multigravida
    many pregnancies
  75. ERT
    estrogen replacement therapy
  76. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  77. kernicterus
    • bilirubin toxicity- a condition with severe neural symptoms
    • high levels of bilirubin in blood
  78. multiparous
    giving birth to more than one offspring at a time
  79. hymen
    the membrane partially covering the entrance to the vagina
  80. amnorrhea
    escape of the amnionic fluid
  81. uterine serosa
    outermost layer surrounding the uterus
  82. fundus
    part of organ that is furthest from the opening of organ
  83. terat/o
    monster, malformed fetus
  84. -cyesis
  85. amenorrhea
    absence of menstrual periods
  86. metrorrhagia
    bleeding from the uterus that is not associated with menstruation
  87. corpus luteum
    endocrine organ released from ovum waiting to be fertilized. yellow body
  88. HCG
    human chorionic gonadotropin
  89. D & C
    dilation and curettage
  90. genitalia
    reproductive organs
  91. vulvovaginitis
    inflammation of the vulva and the vagina
  92. oophorectomy
    surgical removal of one or both ovaries
  93. leiomyoma
    a benign tumor from smooth muscles, most often occurs in uterus
  94. conization
    • cone biopsy
    • excision of cone of tissue from the cervix for diagnosis or treatment
  95. cryosurgery
    destruction of tissue by application of extreme cold
  96. galactorrhea
    spontaneous flow of milk from nipple not associated with nursing, occurs in men and women
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