GRE Essential Words A

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  1. Accertion
    growth in size or increase in amount
  2. Abstemious
    Moderate appitite
  3. Aberrant
    deviating from what is normal
  4. Abscond
    To depart secretly
  5. Abeyance
    temporary supression or suspension
  6. Abjure
    To reject; abandon formally
  7. Abscission
    The act of cutting
  8. Adjunct
    Something added, attatched or joined
  9. Affected
    Pretentious or phony
  10. Affinity
    fondness, liking, similarity
  11. Accertion
    Growth in size or increase in amount
  12. Aggrandize
    to make larger or greater
  13. Aggregate
    amounting to a whole; total
  14. Alacrity
    cheerful willingness; eargerness; speed
  15. Allay
    to lessen; ease; soothe
  16. Alleviate
    to relieve; improve partially
  17. Amalgamate
    to combine into a unified whole
  18. Ambiguous
    unclear or doubtful
  19. Ambivalence
    the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes
  20. Ambrosia
    something delicious; food of the gods
  21. Ameliazate
    to improve
  22. Amenity
    something that increases comfort
  23. Amenable
    Agreeable, cooperative
  24. Amulet
    ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits
  25. Anachronism
    something out the the proper time
  26. Analogous
  27. Anodyne
    something that calms or soothes pain
  28. Anomalous
    irregular; deviating from the norm
  29. Antecedent
    something that comes before
  30. Antediluvian
  31. Antipathy
    dislike; hostility
  32. Apathy
  33. Apex
    the highest point
  34. Apogee
    the point in an orbit most sistant form the body being orbit
  35. Apothegm
    a terse, witty saying
  36. Appellation
  37. Apposite
    strikingly appropriate and relevant
  38. Apprise
    to inform
  39. Approbation
    praise; approval
  40. Appropriate
    to take possession of; one's own use; confisate
  41. Arduous
    extremely difficult; laborious
  42. Arabesque
    ornate design featuring interwined curves; a ballet position in which one leg is extended in back while the other supports the weight of the body
  43. Apropos
  44. Ardor
    great emotion or passion
  45. Artless
    guileless, natural
  46. Artifact
    items made by human craft
  47. Argot
    a specialzed vocabulary used by a group
  48. Astringent
    harsh; severe
  49. Assauge
    to make less severe
  50. Assidous
    diligent; hard-working
  51. Apersion
    slander; false rumor
  52. Ascetic
    one who practices self-denial
  53. Asperity
    severity; harshness; irritability
  54. Attenuate
    to weaken
  55. Audacious
    bold; daring
  56. Austere
    stern; unadorned
  57. Autonomous
    self-governing; independent
  58. Avuncular
    like an uncle; benevolent; tolerant
  59. Avocation
    secondary occupation
  60. Axiomatic
    taken for granted
  61. Avarice
  62. Aver
    to affirm; declare to be true
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