Human Sexuality Test 4-Gender Identity and Roles

  1. transexualism/transgendered
    people who strongly desire to be of the other sex and lives as a person of the other sex
  2. Gender Identity
    one's belief that one is male or female
  3. Gender dysphoria
    sense of incongruity between one's anatomic sex and one's gender identity
  4. Homosexual transsexuals
    extremely feminine gay males who seek sex reassignment
  5. Autogynephilic
    descriptive of transsexuals who are sexually stimulated by fantasies that their own bodies are female
  6. Prevalence of Transsexualism
    • 50,000 in US
    • 20,000 have undergone sex reassignment surgery
  7. Gender typing
    process by which children acquire behavior that is deemed appropriate to their sex
  8. What age do children acquire gender-role stereotypes?
  9. Social Learning Theory
    • observational learning
    • identification
    • socialization
  10. Cognitive-Developmental Theory
    • form concepts, or schemas, about gender then conform their behavior to their gender concepts.
    • Kohlberg's three concepts: gender identity, stability, and constancy
  11. Gender Schema Theory
    children develop a gender schema as a means of organizing their perceptions of the world.
  12. Psychological Androgyny
    a state characterized by possession of both stereotypical masculine traits and stereotypical feminine traits
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Human Sexuality Test 4-Gender Identity and Roles
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