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  1. Masculine words end in a ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
    Feminine words end in a ?, ?, ?, ?
    • Masculine: consonant, -l, -i, -ă, -u.
    • Feminine: -ă, -e, -a, -i
  2. 1. -consonant (masculine singular)
    a. Added after the consonant is a (?).
    b. Any s, in the last syllable, changes to an (?)
    c. If ending consonant is a t, it changes into a (?)
    d. Român (Romanian man) becomes what?
    e. Poliţist (police officer) becomes what?
    f. Student becomes what?
    • a. (i)
    • b. (ş)
    • c. (ţ) This also applies to any t(vowel).
    • d. Români (men)
    • e. Poliţişti (officers)
    • f. Studenţi
  3. 1. -al, -el or -il (masculine singulars)
    a. The l is replaced with an (?).
    b. Copil (child) becomes what?
    • a. (i)
    • b. Copii (children)
  4. 1. -i (masculine singular)
    a. If ending with an i, do what?
    b. Ochi (eye) becomes what?
    • a. Leave as is.
    • b. Ochi (eyes)
  5. 1. -ă (masculine singular)
    a. The ă, is replace with an (?)
    b. If final consonant is a t, it changes into a (?)
    c. Tată (father) becomes what?
    • a. (i)
    • b. (ţ) (This applies to any t(vowel).
    • c. Taţi (fathers)
  6. 1. -u (masculine singular)
    a. The u, is replace with an (?)
    b. Metru (meter) becomes what?
    • a. (i)
    • b. Metri (meters)
  7. Exceptions:
    Om (Man) becomes what?
    Oameni (Men)
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