Hamlet Vocab

  1. entreated
    to beg; to ask
  2. assail
    to attack
  3. illume
    to brighten; to lighten
  4. usurp
    to seize; to confiscate
  5. portentous
    adj.- foreboding; threatening; sinister
  6. retrograde
    having the opposite effect
  7. besmirch
    dishonor or contaminate
  8. suspiration
    a deep sigh
  9. peevish
    having a negative disposition
  10. bodes
    gives a sign of something to come
  11. consummation
    completion; achievement
  12. malefactions
    evil deeds
  13. calamity
    disaster; cause of great distress
  14. contumely
    insulting treatment
  15. inoculate
    to cure by introducing some antigenic material
  16. buffet
    to hit or strike against
  17. contagion
    the causative agent of a disease
  18. fetters
    chains or shackles attached to the ankles
  19. bulwark
    anything serving as a defense against an attack
  20. diadem
    a crown indicative of royalty
  21. whet
    to sharpen; to stimulate
  22. Fie
    inter, shame
  23. Rapier
    noun, a thin, light sword used in fencing
  24. Paragon
    noun, a perfect example
  25. Offal
    noun, organs of an animal used as food
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