apt test 2

  1. sex
    biological catergory (male/female) determined by your genetic makeup
  2. gender
    the manifestation of sex; how you behave
  3. masculine
    no dresses or skirts
  4. feminune
    no pants
  5. sexaul orientation
    to whom you are attracted to sexually
  6. heterosexual
    attracted to the opposite sex
  7. homosexual
    attracted to the same sex
  8. bisexual
    attracted to both sexes
  9. 2 spirit people
    those people who are gay in tribes; they can perform as males or females in the tribe
  10. master status trait
    characteristic that the person becomes known by; first thing you think of when you hear/see that person
  11. transexual
    • someone changing over to another sex
    • 1st stage: wanting to change
    • 2nd stage: to act like a woman for a yr
    • 3rd stage: start taking estrogen pills
    • 4th stage: surgery
  12. hermaphrodite/intersex
    have both male and female organs but not a complete set of either
  13. homophobia
    • prejudice against homosexually
    • *people get more upset over male homosexually than female homosexually (double standard)
  14. nature
    were they born this way
  15. nuture
    was it because of their environment or because of something that happened to them in the past
  16. recall studies
    as an adult male homosexual what do they remember about their childhood
  17. gender non-conformity
    not fitting in with their sex
  18. longitudinal studies
    • get a group of people and follow them from young childhood or birth into their childhood
    • *problems: some people die, people dont want to to it anymore, and it cost alot of money to follow someone for a lifetime
  19. twin studies
    study identical (monozygotic) twins and raise them apart in different environments
  20. concordance rate
    if you have a certain trait in one identical twin what is the chance its in the other one
  21. momozygotic
    • identical twins; one egg splits into two
    • concordance rate for homosexuality is about 66% or two thirds 2/3
  22. dyzygotic
    • fraternal twins; two different eggs
    • concordance rate for homosexuality is about 33%
  23. INAH3
    • portion deep in the brain that is believed to be associated with sexual pleasure
    • its about the same size in homosexual males and heterosexual women
    • its much bigger in heterosexual males
  24. sperm donation
    • when men donate sperm they keep the sperm in the sperm bank for 3 months to make sure it doesnt contain STD or AIDS
    • get paid 50-75 dollars
  25. egg donation
    eggs can not be frozwn because they have more water content. women have to go through medical test, family history, personality test, and sociology test.
  26. egg donation process
    • ~have to give themselves shots for 3 or 4 days
    • ~trigger shot releases 10-25 eggs
    • ~they harvest eggs (take them out) through surgery
    • ~paid 4000-5000 dollars
  27. Male infertility
    can not produce children; not enough sperm count; can be caused by obesity
  28. Sperm count
    100 million- 600 million; 100 make it to the eggs
  29. female infertility
    disorder of ovulation; not enough estrogen; ovaries produce eggs every other month not every month; caused by obesity and eating disorders
  30. sperm motility
    teh sperm does not move up the fallopian tube
  31. artificial insemination
    how the sperm/eggs are implanted into the female
  32. Louise Brown, England 1978
    first test tube baby; first to be born by in-vitro fertilization
  33. Surrogacy
    a woman carries a baby for another woman
  34. In-vitro fertilization (IVF)
    sperma nd egg are united in the lab and then implanted in the woman through surgery
  35. Ethical issues in ART
    only people with money can have this done
  36. Baby M, 1980s
    was born to a surrogate mother and she decided that she did not want to give up the baby
  37. cryogenics
    frozen embroyos; to unite sperm and egg and freeze them
  38. advance directive
    if i am unable to speak for myself then i want you to do this....
  39. women in their 60s
    given hormones throughout a pregnancy so it is sustained
  40. octomom, 2008
    a woman in california who already had 8 kids and got fertility treatments and had 8 more kids; she was poor and was already about to be kicked out of her home
  41. genetically modified (GM) potatoes
    altaring the genectics of potatoes to have an extra crop. helps the community to become healthier
  42. Artificial womb, japan
    seminulate the seminac fluid; used for premature babies to help them finish nurishing; how it can be abused is a woman feels that she is getting too big and wants her baby in the artifical womb and get it back later
  43. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
    refers specifically to when one or both genetic parents has a known genetic abnormality and testing is performed on an embryo to determine if it also carries a genetic abnormality
  44. Assisted reproductive technology (ART)
    is a general term referring to methods used to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means.
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