1. Of what does the hip bone consist
    Fused Ilium, Ischium and Pubis
  2. What hip bone concavity articulates with the head of the femure
  3. What are the large openings in the floor of the femure
    Oburtator foramina
  4. What is the junction of the L and R os coxae
    Pelvic Symphysis
  5. What is the Palpable Prominence of the lateral wing of the ilium
    Tuber Coxae (Point of the hip)
  6. What is the thick caudal part of the ischium
    Ischiatic tuberosity/ischial tuber
  7. What medial procss of the wing of the ilium is next to the sacrum
    Tuber sacral (sacral tuberosity)
  8. Caudal indentation between the ischiatic tuberosities
    Ischiatic Arch
  9. What large prominence is lateral to the head of the femure
    Major trochantoer of the femur
  10. What is the prominence distal to the head of the femur (medial side)
    Minor trochanter
  11. The patella articulates with ____ surface of the femure
  12. What depression on the head of the femure is for the round ligament
    Fovea Capitis
  13. What are the two large knuckle-like structures on the distal femure
    Medial and Lateral condyles
  14. What is the deporession btw the lateral condyle and the trochlea of the femur for attachment of the long digital extensor muscle?
    Extensor Fossa
  15. What are the medial and lateral elevation on the distal femur
    Medial and lateral epicondyles
  16. What are the 2 sesmoid bones in the heads of the gastrocnemius
    medial and lateral sesamoids of the gastrocnemius muscle
  17. What is the large proximocranial process of the tibia where the patellar ligaments attach
    Tibial Tuberosity
  18. What part of the tibia articulates with the talus
    cochlea (distal articular surface)
  19. Which is the more lateral bone of the crus
  20. List the bones of the hock and which rows the are in
    • 1. Proximal: talus and calcaneus (heel bones); Middle: Central and 4th (2 story bone); Distal: Numbered bones 1-4
    • 2 Calcaneus (also plantar side)
    • 3. Hock
  21. Immovable joint btw the sacrum and ilium
  22. What is the sacrotuberous ligament
    Band of CT fromt eh tuber ischiaticum to sacrum (in dogs, not cats)
  23. What is the ligament from the fovea capitis to the acetabular fossa
    Lig of the head of the femure
  24. What articulates to form the hip joint
  25. What are the fibrocartilaginous discs btw the condyles of the femur and tibia
    Medial and lateral menisci
  26. How are the cruciate ligaments named?
    For their attachment to the tibia
  27. Which collateral lig attaches to the meniscus
  28. List the sesamoidbones of the stifle
    • Patella,
    • 2 sesamoids in heads of gastrocemius muscle
    • &
    • 2 sesamoids in the popilteal tendon
  29. Joints of the hock
    • Tibiotarsal
    • Proximal intertarsal joint (PIT)
    • Distal Intertarsal joint (DIT)
    • Tarsometarsal joint (TMt)
  30. In which species is the exact configuration of the tarsus clinically most important
  31. Define perineum
    Body wall closing the pelvic outlet around the terminations of the digestive and urogenital tracts
  32. What is the
  33. What is the ischiorectal fossa
    Depression lateral to the anus filled with fat
  34. What makes up the pelvic diaphram
    Coccygeus and levator ani muscles
  35. How do the pelvic diaphram muscles relate to each other
    Ironically (no), cocygeus: more lateral; levator ani m, deep and caudel to coccygeus
  36. What isthe function of the iliopsoas muscle
    Major flexor of the hip
  37. What are the extensors of the stifle and what innervates them
    Cranial thigh (quadriceps) mm., femoral nerve
  38. What is the action and innervation of the medial thigh muscles
    Adduction, oburator nerve (pectineus, gracilis adductor)
  39. List hamstring mm from lateral to medial
    • Biceps femoris
    • semitendinosus
    • semimembranosus
  40. What are the insertions of the SDF and DDF in the dogs pelvic limb?
    • SDF: middle phalanges
    • DDF: distal phalanges
  41. What are the actions of the crural mm?
    Craniolateral: extensors of digital and flexor and the tarsus (called extensors)- common fibular nerve
  42. What composite tendon inserting on the calcaneous? What are its main components?
    Common calcanean tendon (SDF and gastrocnemius)
  43. What do the terminal branches of the aorta supply
    • External iliacs: pelvic limbs
    • internal iliacs: pelvis and rump
    • median sacral/caudal: tail
  44. What art is a direct continuation of the external iliac artery out of the abdominal cavity to supply the pelvic limb
    Femoral Artery
  45. What is the distal continuation of the femoral artery caudal to the stifle
    popliteal artery
  46. What is a digital artery on the side of a digit facing the axis?
    Facing Away?
    • axial digital artery
    • abaxial digital artery
  47. List the superficial veins of the pelvic limb
    medial and lateral saphenous veins
  48. What is the palpable lymph node of the pelvic limb? Where?
    Popliteal ln, caudal to the stifle
  49. List the main nerves of the pelvic limb and what they inervate
    • Gluteal nn: Gluteal mm
    • Oburator: adductors of thigh
    • Tibial: caud thigh mm and sensory to plantar
    • common fibular: craniolateral crus and sensory to dorsal paw
    • femoral: iliopsoas, quadriceps
    • saphenou: sartorius and sensory to medial skin
  50. What nerve prevents lateral slipping
    Oburator nerve
  51. What nerve allows extension of the rear limb digits
    common fibular (peroneal) nerve
  52. What nerve is required to bear weight on pelvic limb?
    Femoral nerve (L4-6), extends to stifle
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