OT 11b

  1. thrombocytes
  2. hematpoesis
    blood cell formation process within the red bone marrow
  3. monocyte
    form of agranular leukocytes that are actively phagocytic and may transform to macrophages
  4. thymus gland
    where t cells mature
  5. -iso
  6. anisocytosis
    presence of red blood cells of unequal size
  7. olysis
    loosen, dissolve,
  8. hemolysis
    repture of the red blood cell membrane
  9. poikilo
  10. polycythemia
    abnormal increase in the number of erythrocytes in the blood
  11. anaphylaxis
    an immediate reaction to an antigen that includes rapid inflammation and systemwide smooth muscle conraction
  12. aplastic anemia
    anemia characterized by the failure of red bone marrow to produce red blood cells
  13. gas gangrene
    infection of a wound caused by various anaeronic bacteria. produces fermentation gas1
  14. hemochromatosic
    inherited disorder that results in an excessive accumulation of iron deposits in the bodu
  15. monnucleosis
    viral disease characterized by enlarged lymph nodes atypical lumphocytes, sore throat, fever, and fatigue
  16. myelodysplasia
    bone marrow disorder characterized by the prolifertion fo abnormal stem cells
  17. nosocomial infection
    infection contracted during hospital stay
  18. pernicious anemia
    insufficiency of vitamin b12, causing rbc to become large
  19. sickle cell anemia
    drowsiness, leg ulceration, fever, joint and abdomincal pain
  20. staph infection
  21. autologous transfusion
  22. autologous transfusion
    transfusion of blood donated by a patient for personal use
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