Biol 1322

  1. A person who eats a bowl of oatmeal every day for breakfast would be displaying a food choice most likely based on what?
  2. By chemical analysis, what nutrient is present in the highest amounts in most foods?
  3. Factors known to be related to a disease but not proven to be causal are called
    risk factors
  4. What is the AMDR for carbohydrate?
  5. Who would be the most appropriate person to consult regarding nutrition information?
    registered dietitian
  6. Nutrient with the highest energy density
  7. Substance containing nitrogen
  8. An inert medication
  9. The nutrients the body requires in relatively small amounts.
  10. What most accurately describes the scientific term organic?
    Substances with carbon-carbon or carbon-hydrogen bonds.
  11. On a food label, the % Daily Value table compares key nutrients per serving for a person consuming how many kcalories daily?
  12. Food exchange systems were originally developed for people with
  13. If a group of people consumed an amount of protein equal to the average requirement for their population group, what percentage would receive insufficient amounts?
  14. Providing enough, but not an excess, of a food is a diet-planning principle known as
  15. What is not a documented benefit for people following a vegetarian diet?
    lower rates of anemia
  16. Nutrient dense refers to foods that what?
    provide more nutrients relative to kcalories
  17. The concept of nutrient density is most helpful in achieving what principle of diet planning?
    kCalorie control
  18. The USDA Food Guide assigns foods to five major subgroups and recommends daily amounts of food from each group. Which is not a vegetable subgroup?
    dark blue or purple vegetables (eggplant, beets, purple onions)
  19. If you wanted to find a food product that was a "good source of fiber," you would look for a product that contains __ & Daily Value for fiber.
  20. Which nutrient requires the least amount of digestion?
  21. Nancy is having trouble digesting fatty foods. After seeing her doctor, who found no evidence of inflammation, she says that she must now see a specialist to determine why she is having trouble releasing bile from her gallbladder. What hormone is most likely functioning improperly for Nancy?
  22. Microorganisms in food that are viable when consumed and that are beneficial to health are known as?
  23. The most common cause for the development of ulcers is?
    infection from H. pylori
  24. What two systems coordinate all digestive/absorptive processes?
    Nervous and endocrine
  25. All of the following are characteristics of the process of digestion except?
    saliva contains enzymes that digest sugars, fats, and proteins
  26. What substance protects the stomch lining from damage due to digestive juices?
  27. What is the name of the projections on the inner surface of the small intestine?
  28. After swallowing, in what order does food pass through the regions of the GI tract?
    Stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon
  29. One of the signs of constipation is
    fewer than 3 bowel movements per week
  30. nonnutrient compounds found in plant-derived foods that have biological activity in the body
  31. Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges ;
    ranges of intakes for the energy nutrients that provide adequate energy and nutrients and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  32. relating to measurement of the physical characteristics of the body, such as height and weight
  33. in an experiment, this group receives the placebo
    control group
  34. inorganic elements required in small amounts for bodily health
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