Social Studies 1

  1. What are the two rivers main rivers in Mesopotamia?
    The Tigris River and Euphiates River. Both South Mesopotamia.
  2. What are the two main empires in Mesopotamia?
    Image Upload 2The two main empires in Mesopotamia are Babylonia and Assyria.

  3. Who was Nebunchadnez?
    Nebunchadnez was the New Babylonian King. He was a Chaldean.
  4. True or False Assyrians became an awfull empire.
    FALSE!!!!!!! The Assrians became a major empire.
  5. Name a Assyrian weapons.
    An Assyrian weapon is the battering ram. They used the battering ram to break down cities. The were destroyers.
  6. FACT!!!!!!!!
    Mesopotamia is a Region.
  7. What is the Capital of Babylonia?
    The capital of Babylonia is Babalon.
  8. What is the capital os Assyria?
    The capital of Assyria is Ninovek.
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