Mental Health Nursing

  1. The nurse is assessing a patients white blood count and suspects agranulocytosis. Which class of drugs is the patient most likely taking?

    B. Atypical antipsychotic
  2. Which of the following defense mechanisms are used to ward off anxiety? Select all that apply.

    • D. Suppressing
    • D. Denial
    • E. Regressing
  3. The patient states, “The answer is on the tip of my tongue.” In what level of awareness is this patient?

    B. Preconscious
  4. The nurse is monitoring a patient’s lithium level. Upon assessment of the labs the patient’s lithium level is 2.5 this morning. Based on these results, what is the nurse’s priority action?

    A. Hold the dose and call the physician for orders.
  5. The nurse knows that prior to a patient being admitted to an in-patient acute care facility the patient must have which of the following completed?

    A. The patient must be evaluated to receive care.
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