Cultural Issues #1

  1. What is culture?
    Theory of what one believes other know. values
  2. What are cultural factors?
    • History
    • geography
    • social history
    • political history
  3. What is a shared culture for a sense of unity, a common past with NO genetis.
  4. What are meanings, perceptions, actions, symbols, and adatations that make people what they are?
  5. What are biologic and anatomic attribues and functions?
  6. Age and gender roles within the family, child rearing practices, educational value, fears and attitudes, values and perceptions, exposure to adoption of other cultural norms?
    Implicit behaviors- below the surface
  7. What is dress, language, food preferences, customs and lifestyles?
    Explicit behaviors- visible to the outside
  8. A society with a diversity of cultures: variety of religions, languages, customs, traditions, and values.
  9. A group of people with a culture that differentiates from the larger culture.
  10. What is the overestimation of the association between group membership and individual behaviors?
  11. Who are those who migrate to another country for permanent residence?
    Immigrants- 20% of the worlds immigrants live in the US
  12. Citizenship in the US. Open to "any alien, being a free white person"
    Naturalization Act of 1790- 48% of the population were counted as citizens.
  13. First major immigration was from _________?
  14. What act denied immigration and citizenship to chinese? Immigration established qualitative health and moral standards.
    Chinese exclusion act 1882
  15. In the second wave 1880-1920 how many immigrants were there?
    18 million, primarily Europeans
  16. What act denied entry to those ineligible for citizenship (nonwhite)?
    Establishment of a national quota system designed to reduce the number of Southern and Eastern European and to bar Asian.
    Immigration Act of 1921-1924
  17. What years was there a "lull" in immigration and why?
    • 1920-1964
    • restrictive immigration policies
    • economic depression
    • two world wars
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