1. Linux GUI Layers
    • Linux Kernel
    • X Server
    • Xlib
    • GTK TK Motif
    • Graphical Applications
  2. Linux Kernel
    Provides basic interfaces to hardware
  3. X Server
    Manages Windows, drawing basic graphics. Lines and bitmaps.
  4. Xlib
    Standard interface for X server. Does not provide buttons and text boxes.
  5. GTK TK Motif
    Graphics Libraries
  6. startx
    starts x window server
  7. xhost
    grants access to x server
  8. $display
    holds the screen number of a display.
  9. You can run multiple X servers
  10. Stop the X server
    kill process running xorg
  11. Desktop enviroment
    Gnome or KDE
  12. Gnome
    Default, Uses GTK.
  13. KDE
    QT framework, more configurable.
  14. Nautilus
    File browser window
  15. Places
    List folders
  16. Menu bar
    top of the file browser window
  17. Main toolbar
    Holds navigation tool icons.
  18. Triangle pointing down signifies
    More icons.
  19. Location
    Name of the directory you are in. Iconic or Textual views.
  20. Control L
    switch to textual views.
  21. Pencil and paper icon
    switch between textual and iconic views.
  22. Status bar
    displays how many items are displayed and if local the drive space.
  23. Mouse wheel
    • 1 Left Button
    • 2 Middle
    • 3 Right
    • 4 Roll up
    • 5 Roll Down
  24. Wheel click
    Equivalent to 2
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