1. What controls the desent of the food?
    Interior tibualis
  2. Anti gravity muscle
  3. Anti gravity muscle
  4. Gait standpoint
  5. left foot
  6. The foot pronates in the
    toe off position.
  7. How do you land?
    Land in the supinated position in the lateral position.
  8. What happens when you are on balls of feet?
    You shorten your step length and try to rach farther causing more veloicty to the ground.
  9. Mid foot..foot strike
    Fore foot to Mid foot. It must contact for foot to push off.
  10. Both the start and end of stance involve
    a period of bilateral foot contact with the floor (double stance), while the middle portion of stance has one foot contact.
  11. Initial double stance
    begins the gait cycle.
  12. What is the normal distribution of the floor contact period is?
    60% for the stance. 40% for swing.
  13. What is initial double stance percentage?
  14. What is the single limb support percentage?
  15. Terminal double stance
  16. The onset of stance customarily been called?
    heel strike.
  17. Initial contact?
    • Interval 0-2%. This phase includes the moment when the foot just touches the foor.
    • Objective of Initial contact: The limb is positioned to start stance with a heel rocker.
  18. When you plantar flex you use your anterior tib then when you stride out you are contracting your quad then you land and extend your hamstring
  19. Terminal stance?
    • 30-50%
    • This phase completes single limb support. It begins with heel rise and continues until the other foot strikes the ground. Throughout this phase body weight moves ahead of forefoot.
    • Objective: Progession over the stationary foot.
    • Limb and trunk stability.
  20. Terminal swing?
    • 87-100% GC
    • This final phase of swing begins with a vertical tibia and ends when the foot strikes the floor. Limb advancement is completed as the leg moves ahead of the thigh.
  21. 2 peaks?
    heel strike
  22. 1 peak
    mid foot strike
  23. jog?
    2.5 body weight.
  24. hamstring is involved with what?
    knee flexion
  25. What muscle do you use to swing through?
    Dorsi flexion to swing through?
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