Vocab 2

  1. plundering
    robbing or taking goods by force
  2. gable
    triangular part on roofline or building
  3. afflictor
    one who causes pain or distress
  4. sinews
    tendons; physical strenght
  5. disperse
  6. barren
    unproductive of life; infertile
  7. devastated
  8. infest
    to swarm; to grow in or over
  9. scabbard
    sheath for blade of a weapon
  10. chalice
    cup or goblet
  11. molten
    fused or liquified by heat
  12. livid
    discolored by bruising; pale; enraged
  13. epic
    long narrative poem about a hero
  14. jackal
    one who preforms menial tasks for another; wild dogs
  15. affliction
    great suffering
  16. heath
    tract of wasteland; shrubbery
  17. wend
    to direct one's course; to proceed on
  18. render
    to give up; yield
  19. intoning
    uttering; vocalizing
  20. personable
    of pleasing personal appearance; likeable
  21. absolution
    act of forgiving; clemency
  22. accrue
    to increse in size, quantity, scope
  23. sundry
    various; diverse
  24. hostelry
    inn; hotel
  25. burnished
    to make smooth and bright; polish
  26. solicitous
    anxious; concerned
  27. supple
    able to bend easily; flexible
  28. eminent
    high rank or reputation; distinguished
  29. sanguine
    cheerful; hopeful
  30. utter
    to express by speaking
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