Art History Vocab

  1. Abstract Experssionism/Gestural Abstraction/ Action painting.
    • -The first major American avant-garde movement
    • -emerged in NYC 1940s
    • -Artists produced abstract paintings that expressed thier state of mind and they hoped would strike emotional chords in viewers.
    • -movement developed along two lines: Gestural abstraction and chromatic abstraction.
  2. Abstract Formalism
  3. Abstract Image
  4. Allegory
    a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning throughconcrete or material forms; figurative treatment of onesubject under the guise of another.
  5. Alla Prima Painting Technique
  6. Asymmetry
    lack or absence of symmetry in spatial arrangements or inmathematical or logical relations
  7. Attribution
    Assignment of a work to a maker or makers
  8. Automatism
    In painting, the process of yeilding oneself to instinctive motions of hands after establishing a set of conditions(such as size of paper or medium) within which a work is to be created.
  9. Baldacchino
  10. Basilican Plan
  11. Bombé
  12. C.
  13. c.
  14. Cartouche
  15. Cathedral, Cathedra
  16. Citation
  17. Conceptual Art
  18. Curtain Wall
  19. Dada
    An early 20th century art movement prompted by revulsion against the horror of WWI. Dada embraced political anarchy, the irrational, and the intuitive. A disdain for convention, often enlivened by humor or whimsy, is characteristic of the art the Dadaists produced.
  20. Daguerreotype
    A photograph made by an early method on a plate of chemically treated metal; developed by Louis J.M. Daguerre
  21. Di Sotto In Sù
  22. Divisionism
  23. Engaged column
  24. Enlightenment
    The western philosophy based on empirical evidence that dominated the 18th century. The enlightenment was a new way of thinking critically about the world and about human kind, independently of religion, myth, or tradition
  25. Eternal Verities
  26. exemplum Vertutis
    Latin for example or model of virtue.
  27. External evidence
  28. Féte Galante; Féte Champétre
    French, amorous festival. A type of Rococo painting depicting the outdoor amusements of french upper-class society.
  29. Fluxis/
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Art History Vocab
Art History Course Vocab words taken from the GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES 14TH EDITION.