1. AC
    alternating current
  2. ACL
    access control list
  3. ACPI
    advanced configuration and power interface
  4. ACT
  5. ADSL
    asymmetrical digital subscriber line
  6. AGP
    accelerated graphics port
  7. AMD
    advanced micro devices
  8. APIPA
    automatic private internet protocol addressing
  9. APM
    advanced power management
  10. ARP
    address resolution protocol
  11. ASR
    automated system recovery
  12. AT
    advanced technology
  13. ATA
    advanced technology attachment
  14. ATAPI
    advanced technology attachment packet interface
  15. ATM
    asynchronous transfer mode
  16. ATX
    advanced technology extended
  17. BIOS
    basic input/output system
  18. BNC
    Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Naval Connector
  19. BTX
    balanced technology extended
  20. CD
    compact disc
  21. CD-ROM
    compact disc-read-only memory
  22. CD-RW
    compact disc-rewritable
  23. CDFS
    compact disc file system
  24. CFS
    Central File System, Common File System, Command File System
  25. CMOS
    complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
  26. COMx
    communication port (x=port number)
  27. CPU
    central processing unit
  28. CRT
    cathode-ray tube
  29. DAC
    discretionary access control
  30. DB-25
    serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pins
  31. DB-9
    9 pin D shell connector
  32. DC
    direct current
  33. DDOS
    distributed denial of service
  34. DDR
    double data-rate
  35. DDR RAM
    double data-rate random access memory
    double data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
  37. DFS
    distributed file system
  38. DHCP
    dynamic host configuration protocol
  39. DIMM
    dual inline memory module
  40. DIN
    Deutsche Industrie Norm
  41. DIP
    dual inline package
  42. DLT
    digital linear tape
  43. DLP
    digital light processing
  44. DMA
    direct memory access
  45. DMZ
    demilitarized zone
  46. DNS
    domain name service or domain name server
  47. DOS
    denial of service
  48. DPMS
    display power management signaling
  49. DRAM
    dynamic random access memory
  50. DSL
    digital subscriber line
  51. DVD
    digital video disc or digital versatile disc
  52. DVD-RAM
    digital video disc-random access memory
  53. DVD-ROM
    digital video disc-read only memory
  54. DVD-R
    digital video disc-recordable
  55. DVD-RW
    digital video disc-rewritable
  56. DVI
    digital visual interface
  57. ECC
    error correction code
  58. ECP
    extended capabilities port
  59. EEPROM
    electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
  60. EFS
    encrypting file system
  61. EIDE
    enhanced integrated drive electronics
  62. EMI
    electromagnetic interference
  63. EMP
    electromagnetic pulse
  64. EPROM
    erasable programmable read-only memory
  65. EPP
    enhanced parallel port
  66. ERD
    emergency repair disk
  67. ESD
    electrostatic discharge
  68. EVGA
    extended video graphics adapter/array
  69. EVDO
    evolution data optimized or evolution data only
  70. FAT
    file allocation table
  71. FAT12
    12-bit file allocation table
  72. FAT16
    16-bit file allocation table
  73. FAT32
    32-bit file allocation table
  74. FDD
    floppy disk drive
  75. Fn
    Function (referring to the function key on a laptop)
  76. FPM
    fast page-mode
  77. FRU
    field replaceable unit
  78. FSB
    Front Side Bus
  79. FTP
    file transfer protocol
  80. FQDN
    fully qualified domain name
  81. Gb
  82. GB
  83. GDI
    graphics device interface
  84. GHz
  85. GUI
    graphical user interface
  86. GPS
    global positioning system
  87. GSM
    global system for mobile communications
  88. HAL
    hardware abstraction layer
  89. HCL
    hardware compatibility list
  90. HDD
    hard disk drive
  91. HDMi
    high definition media interface
  92. HPFS
    high performance file system
  93. HTML
    hypertext markup language
  94. HTTP
    hypertext transfer protocol
  95. HTTPS
    hypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer
  96. I/O
  97. ICMP
    internet control message protocol
  98. ICR
    intelligent character recognition
  99. IDE
    integrated drive electronics
  100. IDS
    Intrusion Detection System
  101. IEEE
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  102. IIS
    Internet Information Services
  103. IMAP
    internet mail access protocol
  104. IP
    internet protocol
    internet protocol configuration
  106. IPP
    internet printing protocol
  107. IPSEC
    internet protocol security
  108. IPX
    internetwork packet exchange
  109. IPX/SPX
    internetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchange
  110. IR
  111. IrDA
    Infrared Data Association
  112. IRQ
    interrupt request
  113. ISA
    industry standard architecture
  114. ISDN
    integrated services digital network
  115. ISO
    Industry Standards Organization
  116. ISP
    internet service provider
  117. JBOD
    just a bunch of disks
  118. Kb
  119. KB
    Kilobyte or knowledge base
  120. LAN
    local area network
  121. LBA
    logical block addressing
  122. LC
    Lucent connector
  123. LCD
    liquid crystal display
  124. LDAP
    lightweight directory access protocol
  125. LED
    light emitting diode
  126. Li-on
  127. LPD/LPR
    line printer daemon / line printer remote
  128. LPT
    line printer terminal
  129. LPT1
    line printer terminal 1
  130. LVD
    low voltage differential
  131. MAC
    media access control / mandatory access control
  132. MAPI
    messaging application programming interface
  133. MAU
    media access unit, media attachment unit
  134. Mb
  135. MB
  136. MBR
    master boot record
  137. MBSA
    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
  138. MFD
    multi-function device
  139. MFP
    multi-function product
  140. MHz
  141. MicroDIMM
    micro dual inline memory module
  142. MIDI
    musical instrument digital interface
  143. MIME
    multipurpose internet mail extension
  144. MLI
    multiple link interface
  145. MMC
    Microsoft management console
  146. MMX
    multimedia extensions
  147. MP3
    Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
  148. MP4
    Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 4
  149. MPEG
    Moving Picture Experts Group
    Microsoft configuration
  151. MSDS
    material safety data sheet
  152. MUI
    multilingual user interface
  153. NAC
    network access control
  154. NAS
    network-attached storage
  155. NAT
    network address translation
  156. NetBIOS
    networked basic input/output system
  157. NetBEUI
    networked basic input/output system extended user interface
  158. NFS
    network file system
  159. NIC
    network interface card
  160. NiCd
    nickel cadmium
  161. NiMH
    nickel metal hydride
  162. NLX
    new low-profile extended
  163. NNTP
    network news transfer protocol
  164. NTFS
    new technology file system
  165. NTLDR
    new technology loader
  166. NTP
    Network Time Protocol
  167. OCR
    optical character recognition
  168. OEM
    original equipment manufacturer
  169. OS
    operating system
  170. PAN
    personal area network
  171. PATA
    parallel advanced technology attachment
  172. PC
    personal computer
  173. PCI
    peripheral component interconnect
  174. PCIe
    peripheral component interconnect express
  175. PCIX
    peripheral component interconnect extended
  176. PCL
    printer control language
  177. PCMCIA
    Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
  178. PDA
    personal digital assistant
  179. PGA
    pin grid array
  180. PGA2
    pin grid array 2
  181. PIN
    personal identification number
  182. PKI
    public key infrastructure
  183. PnP
    plug and play
  184. POP3
    post office protocol 3
  185. POST
    power-on self test
  186. POTS
    plain old telephone service
  187. PPP
    point-to-point protocol
  188. PPTP
    point-to-point tunneling protocol
  189. PRI
    primary rate interface
  190. PROM
    programmable read-only memory
  191. PS/2
    personal system/2 connector
  192. PSTN
    public switched telephone network
  193. PSU
    power supply unit
  194. PVC
    permanent virtual circuit
  195. PXE
    preboot execution environment
  196. QoS
    quality of service
  197. RAID
    redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) discs
  198. RAM
    random access memory
  199. RAS
    remote access service
  200. RDRAM
    RAMBUS� dynamic random access memory
  201. RDP
    Remote Desktop Protocol
  202. RF
    radio frequency
  203. RFI
    radio frequency interference
  204. RGB
    red green blue
  205. RIMM
    RAMBUS� inline memory module
  206. RIP
    routing information protocol
  207. RIS
    remote installation service
  208. RISC
    reduced instruction set computer
  209. RJ
    registered jack
  210. RJ-11
    registered jack function 11
  211. RJ-45
    registered jack function 45
  212. RMA
    returned materials authorization
  213. ROM
    read only memory
  214. RS-232 or RS-232C
    recommended standard 232
  215. RTC
    real-time clock
  216. SAN
    storage area network
  217. SATA
    serial advanced technology attachment
  218. SC
    subscription channel
  219. SCP
    secure copy protection
  220. SCSI
    small computer system interface
  221. SCSI ID
    small computer system interface identifier
  222. SD card
    secure digital card
  223. SDRAM
    synchronous dynamic random access memory
  224. SEC
    single edge connector
  225. SFC
    system file checker
  226. SGRAM
    synchronous graphics random access memory
  227. SIMM
    single inline memory module
  228. SLI
    scalable link interface or system level integration or scanline interleave mode
  229. S.M.A.R.T.
    self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology
  230. SMB
    server message block or small to midsize business
  231. SMTP
    simple mail transport protocol
  232. SNMP
    simple network management protocol
  233. SoDIMM
    small outline dual inline memory module
  234. SOHO
    small office/home office
  235. SP
    service pack
  236. SP1
    service pack 1
  237. SP2
    service pack 2
  238. SP3
    service pack 3
  239. SP4
    service pack 4
  240. SPDIF
    Sony-Philips digital interface format
  241. SPGA
    staggered pin grid array
  242. SPX
    sequenced package exchange
  243. SRAM
    static random access memory
  244. SSH
    secure shell
  245. SSID
    service set identifier
  246. SSL
    secure sockets layer
  247. ST
    straight tip
  248. STP
    shielded twisted pair
  249. SVGA
    super video graphics array
  250. SXGA
    super extended graphics array
  251. TB
  252. TCP
    transmission control protocol
  253. TCP/IP
    transmission control protocol/internet protocol
  254. TDR
    time domain reflectometer
  255. TFTP
    trivial file transfer protocol
  256. TPM
    trusted platform module
  257. UAC
    user account control
  258. UART
    universal asynchronous receiver transmitter
  259. UDF
    user defined functions or universal disk format or universal data format
  260. UDMA
    ultra direct memory access
  261. UDP
    user datagram protocol
  262. UNC
    universal naming convention
  263. UPS
    uninterruptible power supply
  264. URL
    uniform resource locator
  265. USB
    universal serial bus
  266. USMT
    user state migration tool
  267. UTP
    unshielded twisted pair
  268. UXGA
    ultra extended graphics array
  269. VESA
    Video Electronics Standards Association
  270. VFAT
    virtual file allocation table
  271. VGA
    video graphics array
  272. VoIP
    voice over internet protocol
  273. VPN
    virtual private network
  274. VRAM
    video random access memory
  275. WAN
    wide area network
  276. WAP
    wireless application protocol
  277. WEP
    wired equivalent privacy
  278. WIFI
    wireless fidelity
  279. WINS
    windows internet name service
  280. WLAN
    wireless local area network
  281. WPA
    wireless protected access
  282. WUXGA
    wide ultra extended graphics array
  283. XGA
    extended graphics array
  284. ZIF
  285. ZIP
    zigzag inline package
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