Medical Terms

  1. Absence
  2. Adipose
  3. Albinism
    Lack of color pigment
  4. Allograft
    Homograft, same species graft
  5. Alopecia
    Condition in which hair falls out
  6. Anhidrosis
    Deficiency of sweat
  7. Autograft
    from patient's own body
  8. Avulsion
    Ripping or tearing away of part either surgicallly or accidentally
  9. Biopsy
    Removal of a small piece of living tissue for diagnostic purposes
  10. Causalgia
    Burning pain
  11. Collagen
    Protein substance of skin
  12. Debridement
    Cleansing of skin with blood supply that is separated from origin over time
  13. Delayed flap
    Pedicle of skin with blood supply that is separated from origin over time
  14. Dermabrasion
    Planing of skin by means of sander, brush, or sandpaper
  15. Dermatologist
    Physician who treats conditions of skin
  16. Dermatoplasty
    Surgical repair of skin
  17. Electrocautery
    Cauterization by means of heated instrument
  18. Epidermolysis
    Loosening of epidermis
  19. epidermomycosis
    superficial fungal infection
  20. erythema
    Redness of skin
  21. Escharotomy
    surgical incision into necrotic (dead) tissue
  22. Fissure
    Cleft or groove
  23. Free full-thickness graft
    graft of epidermis and dermis that is completely removed from donor area
  24. furuncle
    Nodule in skin caused by Staphylococci entering through hair follicle
  25. Hematoma
    A localized collection of blood, usually result of a break in a blood vessel
  26. Hemograft
    Allograft, same species graft
  27. Ichthyosis
    Skin disorder characterized by scaling
  28. incise
    to cut into
  29. island pedicle flap
    Contains a single artery and vein that remains attached to origin temporarily or permanently
  30. Leukoderma
    Depigmentation of skin
  31. Leukoplakia
    White patch on mucous membrane
  32. Lipocyte
    Fat cell
  33. Lipoma
    Fatty tumor
  34. Melanin
    Dark pigment of skin
  35. Melanoma
    Tumor of epidermis, malignant and black in color
  36. Moh's surgery or Mohs' micrographic surgery
    Removal of skin cancer in layers by a surgeon who also acts as a pathologist during surgery
  37. Muscle flap
    Transfer of muscle form origin to recipient site
  38. Neurovascular flap
    Contains artery, vein, and nerve
  39. Pedicle
    Growth attached with a stem
  40. Pilosebaceous
    Pertains to hair follicles and sebaceous glands
  41. Sebaceous gland
    Secreates Sebum
  42. Seborrhea
    Excess sebum secretion
  43. Sebum
    Oily substance
  44. Split-thickness graft
    All epidermis and some of dermis
  45. Steatoma
    Fat mass in sebaceous gland
  46. Stratified
  47. Stratum (strata)
  48. Subungual
    Beneath nail
  49. Xanthoma
    Tumor composed of cells containing lipid meaterial, yellow in color
  50. Xenograft
    Different species graft
  51. Xeroderma
    Dry, discolored, scaly skin
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