AP World- Ch. 23 Questions

  1. Protoindustrialization refers to
    the development of systems of transportation and communication necessary for full industrialization.
  2. Which of the following was a cause of the American Revolution?
    restriction on free movement into frontier areas
  3. Which of the following was a cause of the French Revolution?
    the middle class demand for greater political representation
  4. Which of the following was not a liberal gain confirmed by Napolean Bonaparte?
    universal manhood suffrage
  5. The radical phase of the French Revolution led to all of the following except
    a full-scale attack on private property
  6. In what year did the final phase of the French revolution begin?
  7. The meeting of the victorious powers at Vienna in 1815 resulted in
    conservative attempts to restore the principle of monarchy.
  8. Which of the political groups listed below would espouse the following statement? "The chief goal of any constitution should be to secure the vote for all men, regardless of class or wealth."
  9. Belgium became an independent nation for the first time as a result of a revolution in
  10. Middle class women, traditionally active partners to merchants,
    withdrew from formal jobs to new roles in caring for children and the home.
  11. Which of the following statements concerning the British Chartists is most accurate?
    The Chartists were primarily artisans and workers who sought universal male suffrage.
  12. Which of the following statements concerning the revolutions of 1848 is most accurate?
    Nationalist agitation failed, as the armies of Prussia and Austria-Hungary restored the political status quo.
  13. What scientist was responsible for the discovery of germs?
    Louis Pasteur
  14. Which of the following statements concerning the general prosperity of Europeans by 1900 is most accurate?
    By 1900 nearly two-thirds of the European population lived above the subsistence level.
  15. Peasants improved their conditions in all the following ways except
    joined workers' strikes.
  16. One of the reforms that conservative politicians were most willing to enact in order to gain the support of both liberals and the working class was
    universal manhood suffrage.
  17. Which of the following was NOT found in Bismarck's united Germany?
    abolition of the monarchy and limitation of aristocratic rights
  18. What Western intellectual would have endorsed the following statement? "History is shaped by the available means of production and who controlled them leading to inevitable class conflict."
    Karl Marx
  19. In what nation did socialism produce the strongest political party?
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