Una Vez Más.txt

  1. El silencio
    The silence
  2. Ruidoso(a)
    To be noisy
  3. Silencioso(a)
    To be silently
  4. Soler + inf. (ue)
    To usually, to be in the habit
  5. Quejarse
    To complain
  6. Quedarse
    To stay (in a place)
  7. Quemarse
    To burn
  8. Quebrarse
    To break
  9. Conseguir (e to i)
    To obtain
  10. Enamorarse
    To fall in love
  11. Estar enamorado(a) de
    To fall in love
  12. Pasearse
    To walk aimlessly/to stroll
  13. Aprobar (o to ue)
    To pass
  14. Pasar
    To pass
  15. Suspender
    To fail
  16. La virtud
    The virtue
  17. El vicio
    The vice (bad habit)
  18. Acostumbrarse
    To get accustomed to something
  19. Los deberes
  20. Cansarse
    To be tired
  21. Descansar
    To Rest
  22. Burlarse
    To make fun of (in a mean way)
  23. El ladrón
    The theif
  24. El polvo
    The dust
  25. El algodón
    The cotton
  26. Estadounidense/norteamericano
    North american
  27. Por eso
    That's why
  28. Por esa razón
    That's why
  29. Trotar
    To trot
  30. La pampa
    A large field
  31. Reír a carcajadas
    To laugh strongly
  32. El discurso
    The speech
  33. Tomar el pelo
    To pull somebody's leg
  34. Reñir (I)
    To scold/fight
  35. Entrevistar
    To interview
  36. La multa
    The ticket (from police)
  37. Trasladar(se)
    To move (from a city)
  38. Hacer a Mano
    To be even (in a situation)
  39. Estar resuelto(a)
    To be resolved/determined
  40. Descalzar
    To be barefoot
  41. Descalzo(a)
  42. El refrán
    A saying
  43. La letra minúscula
  44. La letra mayúscula
    Upper case
  45. Marchar(se)
    To march/(to leave or go away)
  46. Equivocar(se)
    To make an error
  47. Valer
    To be worth
  48. Caber
    To fit in a place
  49. Cuchichear
    To whisper
  50. Calentar (ie)
    To be hot
  51. Enfriar
    To be cold
  52. Oler
    To smell
  53. Ladrar
    To bark
  54. Morder (ue)
    To bite
  55. Pensar en
    To think about
  56. Pensar de
    Only in questions, asking for an opinion
  57. Pensar que
    Answer a question with Pensar de
  58. Consentir (ie)
    To agree/to spoil a person
  59. Aprovechar
    To take advantage of
  60. Tropezar (ie)
    To trup
  61. Pisar
    To stomp/step on something
  62. La madrugada
    The early morning
  63. El alba
    The early morning
  64. El amanecer
    The early morning
  65. El anochecer
    The dusk
  66. Madrugar
    To get up early
  67. La niñez
    The choldhood
  68. La adolescencia
    The adolescence
  69. La vejez
    The old age
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