Lab Test 1 Muscles

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  1. Skeletal Muscle
    • Long, cylindrical, multinucleate, striations.
    • Function: Voluntary movment/control, locomotion, manipulation of enviornment, facial expressions.
    • Located: skeletal muscles attached to bones or occasionally to skin.
  2. Cardiac Muscle
    • Branding, striated, uninucleate.
    • Interdigitate at intercalated discs (gap junctions)
    • Function: Involuntary movment, contractions, propels blood into circulation
    • Location: walls of the heart.
  3. Smooth Muscle
    • Spindle-shaped, central nuclei, no striations, arranged closely to form sheets.
    • Function: Involuntary movement propels substances or objects (foodstuffs, urine, a baby) along internal passageways.
    • Location: hollow walls of organs.
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