Project Management Framework

  1. stakeholder
    person or organzation that is actively involved in the project or who interests may be positively or negatively affected by the execution or completion of the project.
  2. stakeholder management
    the plan on how you will work with each stakeholder and how much involvement each stakeholder will have within the project.
  3. organizational structure - matrix

    • 1. attempt to combine strengths of both functional and projectized formats
    • 2. report to two bosses - functional and project managers
  4. organizational structure - matrix - strong
    power rests with the project manager
  5. organizational structure - matrix - weak
    power rests with functional manager, PM is comparable to a project coordinator or expeditor.
  6. organizational structure - matrix - balanced
    power is shared between functional and PM
  7. organizational structure - functional
    • 1. most common.
    • 2. grouped by areas of specialization (sales, marketing, etc)
    • 3. projects occur within a single department
    • 4. information transmitted thru each head of department
    • 5. team members do regular work in addition to project work
  8. organizational structure - projectized
    • 1. organized by projects
    • 2. PM has control of projects
    • 3. people are assigned to project
    • 4. no home
    • 5. communication generally occurs only within the project
  9. organizational structure - project expediter
    acts primarily as a staff assistant and communications coordinator. cannot personally make or enforce decisions.
  10. organizational structure - project coordinator
    similar to project expediter except the coordinator has some power to make decisions, some authority, and reports to higher-level manager.
  11. constraints
    time, cost, risk, scope, quality, resources, or other factors that limit options
  12. lessons learned
    the learning gained from the process of performing the project. lessons learned may be identified at any point. also considered a project record, to be included in the lessons learned knowledge base.
  13. definition of a project
    • temporary
    • beginning and end
    • creates a unique product, service or result
  14. definition of project management
    the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.
  15. definition of a program
    group of projects and their management is coordinated because the projects are related. coordination provides lower risk, economies of scale, and improved management.
  16. definition of a portfolio
    group of programs to achieve a strategic business goal. may not be related to each other except to achieve a common goal.
  17. project management office (PMO)
    • 1. provides policies, templates, and methodologies
    • 2. assigns PMs
    • 3. provides support and guidance
  18. product life cycle
    conception of a new product to its withdrawl. a product can spawn many projects over its life.
  19. project life cycle
    a collection of generally sequential project phases whose name and number are determined by the needs of the organization. a life cycle can be documented with a methodology.
  20. operational work
    ongoing work
  21. OPM3
    • 1. PMI's - Organziational Project Management Maturity Model
    • 2. help organizations determine their level of maturity in project management
  22. tight matrix
    has nothing to do with matrix organization. refers to the locating the offices for the project team in the same room.
  23. objectives
    • 1. contained within the project charter
    • 2. project is complete when objectives are met
    • 3. reason to terminate project is cannot meet objectives
    • 4. PM must accomplish project objectives
    • 5. reason for quality activities is to ensure project meets its objectives
  24. management by objectives (MBO)
    • 1. establish unambiguous and realistic objectives
    • 2. periodically evaluate if objectives are being met
    • 3. implement corrective action
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