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    Title – Three Friends of the Cold Season

    Artist – Zhao Mengjian

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 13th Century

    Significance – Painter was a loyal artist aka "yimin" which means leftover subjects from the Song Dynasty Chinese. Member of the Song Imperial family. Pine, plum blossom, and bamboo are able to survive in the winter (resembles resistance).
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    Title – Autumn Colors of the Qiao and Hua Mountains

    Artist – Zhao Mengu

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dyansty

    Century – 1296

    Significance – Zhao Mengu painted this painting for Zhou Mi to show him his homeland. Mengu created a "mind landscape" or memory landscape.
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    Title – Zhang Guo Having an Audience with Emperor Minghuang

    Artist – Ren Renfa

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 13th-14th Century

    Significance – Figure Painting. The painter is a court official. Zhang Guo is a Daoist magician that shrinks horses and enlarges them when he needs them. Composition in mirror.
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    Title – Waiting for the Ferry on an Autumn River

    Artist – Sheng Mao

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dyansty

    Century – 1351

    Significance – Sheng Mao studied the scholarly style and was part of a family of painters. His patrons were literati and he usually used literati materials for painting. He has more naturaliistic work than literati artists.
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    Title – Fisherman

    Artist – Wu Zhen

    Period/Dynasty – Yuan Dynasty

    Century – 1342

    Significance – A painting of self-expression. Dong-Tu style which show low rolling hills. The fisherman symbolizes patience and relaxation.
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