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    Title – Early Spring

    Artist – Guo Xi

    Period/Dynasty – Northern Song

    Century – 1072 AD

    Significance – Monumental style of Li-Cheung. Dragon Vein incorporated. Balance of Yin (passive) & Yang (active) forces
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    Title – Auspicious Cranes

    Artist – Emperor Huizong

    • Period/Dynasty – C
    • 1112

    Century – Northern Song

    Significance – Propaganda Painting to show that everything is going well in the empire. Cranes symbolize immortality that shows the emperor's rule will last for a long time.
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    Title – Twelve Landscape Views

    Artist – Xia Gui (Member of Painting Academy)

    Period/Dynasty – Southern Song

    Century – 13th Century

    Significance – Visual representation of poetry. Its calligraphic style was known as "Su Shi". This painting was meant for self-expression, and not for the court
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    Title – Shakyamuni Emerging from the Mountains

    Artist – Liang Kai

    Period/Dynasty – Southern Song

    Century –13th Century

    Significance – Literati painting. He painter is a buddhist monastery painter. He has simple axe-cut cun brush techniques. Diagnol composition
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    Title – Triptych with White-Robed Guanyin

    Artist – Mu Qi

    Period/Dynasty – Southern Song

    Century – 13th Century

    Significance – Buddhist Monk painter. Influential on Japanese painters. The person painted is Bodi Sapha of compassion (female). China reinvented the gender of Buddha. Tryptic: painting of 3 panels to work as one. All 3 paintings connect by a symbol of wisdom
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