1. Image Upload 1
    Title – Sketches of Birds and Insects

    Artist – Huang Quan

    Period/Dynasty – 5 Dynasties Period

    Century – 975

    Significance – Realistic in painting. No composition whatsoever since it was instructions for his eldest son to paint. Established the "Shu" style (flower painting)
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    Title – Wintry Groves and Layered Banks

    Artist – Dong Yuan

    Period/Dynasty – Five Dynasties

    Century –C. 950

    Significance – Jiangnan Landscape Style. Impressionistic artistic style
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    Title – Travellers in Mountains and Streams

    Artist – Fan Kuan

    Period/Dynasty – Song Dynasty

    Century – 1000 AD

    Significance – Monochrome Style. Daoist beliefs inside the painting. The artist was known as the "Mountain man" which means the person is "antique & rustic". You are humble if you are a mountain man. Has Confucianism beliefs: the mountain is looming over everything
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    Title – Flour Mill Powered by a Waterwheel

    Artist – Anonymous

    Period/Dynasty – Northern Song Dynasty

    • Century –10th Century or Early 11th
    • Century

    Significance – The symbolism of bamboo: Strong, fast to grow. Important because China had Earthquakes
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    Title – The Night Revels of Han Xizai

    Artist –Gu Hongzhong

    Period/Dynasty – Northern Song Dynasty

    Century –C. 970

    Significance – The concept of figure painting. Portraying a guy to become an official: "Courtesan in painting" - The artist made a painting based on his recording
  6. Image Upload 6
    Title – Magpies and Hare

    Artist – Cui Bai

    Period/Dynasty – Northern Song Dynasty

    Century – 1061

    Significance – This painting is an example of a "moment in time" as you observe the magpie and hare are interacting. Composition is assymetrical.
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