Composers MuHis 330

  1. Wipo of Burgundy
    995-1050. Victimae paschali laudes. Syllabic. Two lines text to same muisc (double versicle). Monophonic.
  2. Hildegard of Bingen
    1098-1179. Ordo Virtutum, Conclusion, In Principio Omnes. No rhythm. Monophonic. Neumatic.
  3. Bernart de Ventadorn
    1130-1200. Can Vei La Lauzeta Mover. No rhythm. Neumatic. Monophonic. Strict rhyme. Canso. Fine amour. No repetition.
  4. Comtessa de Dia
    Flourished late 12th C to early 13th C. A chantar. Monophonic. Repetition - AAB. Canso. Syallabic. Rhyme. Fine amour. No rhythm.
  5. Léonin
    1131-1201. Viderunt Omnes, Gradual. Polyphony - 2 voices. Discant and florid organum. Sometimes rhythm. Rhythmic modes 1 and 5.
  6. Pérotin
    Flourished 1180-1220. Viderunt Omnes. Polyphony - 2 to 4 voices. Rhythm. Rhythmic modes 1, 2, 3, 5. Florid and discant organum. Voice crossing. Dissonance.
  7. Franco
    Flourished 1250-1280. Notation
  8. Adam de la Halle
    1240-1288. De ma Dame/Dieus, Comment porroie/Omnes. French. Motet. 3 voices. Franconian notation. Different text in the upper voice. Secular - about love. Stratified. Not isorhythmic. Quoted song.
  9. Petrus de Cruce
    1270-1300. Subdivisions of Franconian notation. Stratified. Most common rhythmic modes - 5 through 7.
  10. Vitry
    1290-1360. In arboris/Tuba Sacre fidei/Virgo Sum. Isorhythmic. Motet. In Ars Nova. Has talea and color.
  11. Machaut
    1300-1377. La Mess de Nostre Dame and Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdue. Mass to polyphony. Isorhythmic. All Ordinary as polyphony. Hocket. Introduced contratenor. Important poet. Dissonance and syncopation.
  12. Philippus de Casetra
    Flourished 1370s. En Remirant Vo Douce Pourtraiture. Ballade - abbC. Voices different meter at the same time. Complex rhythm.
  13. Jacopo da Balogna
    1340-1386. No al suo Amante. Madrigal - aab. Italian. Only 1 ending for a section. No musical rhyme. One stanza. B sectiong different meter.
  14. Gherardello de Firenze
    1320-1362. Tosto che L'alba. Coccia "ab" irregular. No text in lower voices. Subject - outdoors. Onomonopia. Strict rhyme. 2 sections.
  15. Francesco Landini
    1325-1392. No Avrà Ma' Pietà. Ballata - AbbaA. Italian. Open and close in second ending.
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