AP World- Ch. 16 Vocab

  1. Cape of Good Hope
    Southern tip of Africa; first circumnavigated in 1488 by Portuguese in search of direct route to India
  2. Christopher Columbus
    Genoese captain in service of king and queen of Castile and Aragon; successfully sailed to New World and returned in 1492; initiated European discoveries in Americas
  3. Ferdinand Magellan
    A Portuguese explorer that first circumnavigated the world even though he died before it
  4. Dutch East India Co
    Joint stock company that obtained government monopoly over trade in Asia; acted as virtually independent government in regions it claimed
  5. British East India Co
    Joint stock company that obtained government monopoly over trade in India; acted as virtually independent government in regions it claimed.
  6. Battle of Lepanto
    Naval battle between the Spanish and the Ottoman Empire resulting in a Spanish victory in 1571; demonstrated European naval superiority over Muslims
  7. Core Nations
    Nations, usually European, that enjoyed profit from world economy; controlled international banking and commercial services such as shipping; exported manufactured goods for raw materials
  8. Mercantilism
    Economic theory that stressed governments' promotion of limitation of imports from other nations and internal economies in order to improve tax revenues; popular during 17th and 18th centuries in Europe
  9. Mestizos
    People of mixed European and Indian ancestry in Mesoamerica and South America; particularly prevalent in areas colonized by Spain; often part of forced labor system
  10. Vasco de Balboa
    First Spanish captain to begin settlement on the mainland of Mesoamerica in 1509; initial settlement eventually led to conquest of Aztec and Inca empires by other captains
  11. Francisco Pizarro
    Led conquest of Inca Empire of Peru beginning in 1535; by 1540, most of Inca possessions fell to the Spanish
  12. New France
    French colonies in North America; extended from St. Lawrence River along Great Lakes and down Mississippi River valley system
  13. Seven Years’ War
    Fought both in continental Europe and also in overseas colonies between 1756 and 1763; resulted in Prussian seizures of land from Austria, English seizures of colonies in India and North America
  14. Treaty of Paris (1763)
    Arranged in 1763 following Seven Years' War; granted New France to England in exchange for return of French sugar island in Caribbean
  15. Cape Colony
    Dutch colony established at Cape of Good Hope in 1652 initially to provide a coastal station for the Dutch seaborne empire; by 1770 settlements had expanded sufficiently to come into conflict with Bantus
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