Audio Mixing Exam 1

  1. What is masking?
    Covering certain sounds with other sounds. For example, loud sounds cover quiet sounds, and high pitch sounds cover low pitch sounds.
  2. List and describe the three main balance tools.
    • Faders: controls volume
    • Pan pots: controls spacial balance
    • Mute switches: turns sound off
  3. Four central instruments:
    • Vocals
    • Snare
    • Bass
    • Kick Drum
  4. Three controls for the mix room environment:
    • Room shape should be circular.
    • Control reflection by using sound absorption panels so natural reverb is decreased.
    • Control outside noise by locating the room away from windows, heavy machinery, streets, etc.
  5. Spectrum of human ear.
    20Hz - 20kHz
  6. What is the difference between global and specific effects?
    • Global effects can be used on everything and does not show up on a individual channel by using aux sends.
    • Specific effects are used on individual channels and controls tamber.
  7. First step when approaching a mix:
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Audio Mixing Exam 1
Audio Mixing Exam 1