Driver's Manual Study Cards

  1. What does traffic signs tell you?
    • Traffic rules
    • Special Hazards
    • Where you are
    • How to get to where you're going
    • Where services are available
  2. What does the shape and color of the sign have to do with it?
    It gives clues to the type of information they provide.
  3. How to identify REGULATION SIGNS?
    They're white rectangles with black lettering or symbols, but some are different shapes, and some may use red letters or symbols
  4. How to identify WARNING SIGNS?
    They're usually yellow and diamond-shaped, with black lettering or symbols.
  5. How to identify DESTINATION SIGNS?
    They're green with white letters and symbols.
  6. How to identify SERVICE SIGNS?
    They're blue with white letters and symbols.
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Driver's Manual Study Cards
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