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  1. low levels of estrogen
    removes inhibition of fsh and lh
  2. moderate levels of estrogen
    inhibits fsh and lh
  3. High levels of estrogen
    stimulates gnrh and promotes the release of fsh and lh
  4. phase of secondary oocyte
    metaphase II
  5. Amount of DNA in secondary oocyte
  6. corpus hemmorrhagicum
    blood clot that forms after ovulation
  7. GnRH
    causes the release of FSH and LH
  8. FSH
    stimulates initial development if ivarian follicles, helps in the follicle's secretion of estrotgen and inhibin
  9. LH
    helps maturing the dominant follicle, causes the secondary oocyte to be released (ovulation) maintains the corpus luteum (if fertilized)
  10. progesterone only secreted by the...
    corpus luteum
  11. progesterone
    prepares endometrium for implantation
  12. progesterone
    inhibits gnrh and lh
  13. inhibin
    inhibits release of FSH so there is only 1 dominant follicle and the rest die
  14. relaxin
    keeps the uterus relaxed, inhibits contraction of smooth muscle
  15. hCG
    released by the chorion of embryo to maintain the corpus luteum which is releasing progesterone and estrogen to maintain the functional layer
  16. hCS
    prepares mammary glands for lactation, increases protein synthesis, decreases glucose use for ATP production
  17. Corticotropin Releasing Hormone
    establishes time of birth, increases secretion of cortisol
  18. Cortisol
    released later in pregnancy, contributes to surfactant production
  19. most common form of estragen in non preganant female
    12 beta estradiol
  20. form of 12 beta estradiol in pregnant female
  21. seminiferous tubule
    location of spermatogenisis
  22. epididymus
    maturation of sperm takes place here
  23. leydig cells
    secrete testosterone
  24. sertoli cell surface
    where sperm is made
  25. Blood testis barrier
    protects sperm from immune system
  26. spermatogonium
    stem cells from which sperm are produced
  27. LH
    stimulates testosterone secretion
  28. leydig cells have _______ receptor
  29. Sertoli cells have ______ receptor
  30. Nuclei of sertoli cells has ______ receptor
  31. Androgen Binding protein is secreted by____
    sertoli cells
  32. high concentration of testosterone
    spermatogensis occurs
  33. Inhibin
    inhibits release of FSH; controls number of sperm
  34. 5 alpha reductase is located in
    prostate and semincal vesicle
  35. 5 alpha reductase converts __________ to _________
    testosterone; DHT
  36. testosterone
    steroidal hormone that can go through plasma membrane to form a complex with its receptor which is a gene regulator
  37. before birth testosterone...
    stimulates male development of ducts and descent of testis
  38. DHT
    stimulates the development of external ganglia
  39. pill
    synthetic estrogen and progestines thich inhibit fsh and lh so the lh surge can not take place.
  40. ru486
    progesterone antagonist so ovum can not implant
  41. XY
    Normal male with testes
  42. XX
    Normal female with ovaries
  43. XXY
    Kleinfeter's syndrom
  44. Kleinfeter's syndrome
    sterile male with mental retardation but somewhat functional testis
  45. XO
    Turner's syndrome
  46. Turner's syndrome
    no gonads but phenotypically female
  47. YO
    die during embryonic development
  48. XYY
    Normal Male, taller than average
  49. XXX
    Female with normal intelligence
  50. >XXX
    female with underdeveloped ovaries and mental retardation
  51. blask structure
    primative kidney
  52. SRY
    gene on y chromosome that tells sertoli to produce mullerian inhibiting substance
  53. MIS
    Mullerian inhibiting substance that prevents development of female ducts
  54. Wolffian duct
    forms vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, and seminal vessicle upon stimulation by testosterone
  55. efferent ductules become...
    seminiferous tubules
  56. mullerian duct
    forms uterus, vagina, and fallopian tubes
  57. DHT
    controls external genitalia
  58. genital tubercle elongates to form
  59. labiscrotal swelling becomes
  60. Gonadal Ridge
    Becomes testes or ovaries
  61. genetic male with removal of the gonadal ridge
    No t or DHT, internal F, external F
  62. Genetic female with testes implanted
    have t and dht, internal m, external m
  63. Mutant without 5 alpha reductase
    have t and no dht, internal m, external f
  64. menopause
    amount of estrogen and progestine decrease
  65. testicular cancer
    cancer of spermatogenetic cells
  66. dramatic change in prostate specific antigen can be a predictor of ____
    prostate cancer
  67. ovarian cancer
    dangerous because there arent good markers
  68. breast cancer increased susceptibility caused by (7)
    BRCA1 or 2 genes, family history, no choldren, children after 35, exposure to ionic radiation, excessive alcohol intake, cigarette smoking
  69. Pap smear detects
    cervical Cancer
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