General Terminology

  1. afebrile
    without fever
  2. ambulatory
    able to move about, not confined to a bed
  3. aneurysm
    widening of a blood vessel due to pressure on weakened tissues causing formation of a sac of blood that may become clotted
  4. aphagia
    inability to swallow
  5. aphasia
    inability to express oneself through speech
  6. arrhythmia
    irregularity or loss of rhythm, usually of the heartbeat
  7. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  8. arthralgia
    pain in a joint
  9. ataxia
    failure of muscle coordination, such as staggering gait
  10. atelectasis
    a collapsed or airless condition of the lung
  11. aural
    pertaining to the ear
  12. axilla
    pertaining to the armpit
  13. auscultation
    process of listening for sounds within the body
  14. bruit
    murmur or sound heard in auscultation
  15. buccal
    pertaining to the cheek or mouth
  16. cardiomegaly
    enlargement of the heart
  17. caries
    gradual decay of soft, bony tissue, or a tooth
  18. cellulitis
    an infection in or close to the skin
  19. cerumen
    ear wax
  20. cholecystectomy
    surgical removal of the gallbladder
  21. cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  22. cholelithiasis
    gallbladder calculi (stone)
  23. conjunctiva
    lining of the eyelid
  24. creptitus
    a grating or crackling sound or sensation
  25. debridement
    removal of foreign matter or dead tissue from a wound
  26. diaphoresis
    excessive or profuse sweating or perspiration
  27. differential diagnosis
    a diagnosis of symptoms of two or more diseases by comparison
  28. diplopia
    double vision
  29. dysarthria
    speech problem due to weakness, paralysis, muscular uncoordination
  30. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
  31. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  32. dysphasia
    impairment of speech
  33. dyspnea
    difficult and labored breathing, shortness of breath
  34. dysuria
    painful urination
  35. ecchymosis
    bruise, discolored area of the skin caused by bleeding underneath
  36. effusion
    escape of fluid into a part, as in pleural cavity or a joint
  37. embolism
    obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot of blood or foreign substance
  38. emesis
  39. epistaxis
    nose bleeed
  40. erythema
    redness of skin caused by capillary congestion, irritation
  41. exudates
    production of pus or serum
  42. febrile
    to have a fever
  43. fluorescein
    dye used in eye exam to observe corneal abnormalities, foreign bodies
  44. fundus
    bottom of internal surface of hollow organ (eye)
  45. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  46. gastroenteritis
    inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines
  47. gravid
    being pregnant
  48. hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  49. hematochezia
    blood in stool
  50. hematoma
    swelling of blood in organ or tissue, bruise
  51. hematuria
    blood in urine
  52. hemoptysis
    spitting of blood, blood stained sputum
  53. hemorrhage
    excessive or profuse bleeding
  54. hemorrhoids
    a mass of dilated veins in the anorectum, can be internal or external
  55. hepatosplenomegaly
    enlargement of the spleen and liver
  56. hypovolemia
    low blood volume, due to blood loss, shock or dehydration
  57. infarct
    necrotic area of tissue following cessation of the blood supply
  58. inguinal
    pertaining to the groin region
  59. kyphotic
    exaggeration or angulation of normal posterior curve of spine
  60. labyrinthitis
    inflammation of the inner ear
  61. ligament
    fibrous tissue, binding bones together
  62. lithiasis
    formation of calculi and concretions (stones)
  63. lymphadenopathy
    enlargement of a lymph node (anterior, posterior)
  64. malaise
    generalized discomfort or weakness
  65. malleolus
    projection on either side of the ankle joint from lower leg bones
  66. mastectomy
    surgical excision of the breast
  67. melena
    black tarry stool
  68. meningitis
    inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord or brain; viral or bacterial
  69. metastasis
    change in manifestation of disease from one organ to another
  70. myalgia
    muscular pain
  71. nares
  72. nephrectomy
    surgical excision of the kidney
  73. nystagmus
    involuntary rapid eye movements
  74. orthopnea
    difficulty breathing in any but erect sitting or standing position
  75. palpable
    able to be touched or easily perceived
  76. papules
    a small, inflammatory, congested spot on the skin, a pimple
  77. para
    number of viable offspring born to a woman
  78. paresthesias
    numbness or tingling
  79. petechiae
    small red spots on the skin
  80. pharyngitis
    inflammation of pharynx with pain in the throat
  81. photophobia
    abnormal intolerance to light
  82. pleural effusion
    collection of fluid in the pleural space
  83. pneumothorax
    air or gas in pleural space
  84. polyuria
    excessive urination, like in DM
  85. polydipsia
    excessive thirst
  86. post-prandial
    after eating
  87. post-tussive
    after coughing
  88. pruritis
  89. purulent
    resembling pus, consisting of pus
  90. rale
    abnormal respiratory sound heard upon auscultation
  91. renal
    pertaining to the kidneys
  92. rhinorrhea
    thin, watery discharge from the nose
  93. rhonchi
    a whistling or snoring sound heard on auscultation of the chest when air channels are partially obstructed
  94. sciatic
    pertaining to the ischium or hip
  95. sepsis
    presence of pathological microorganisms or their toxins in the blood
  96. serous
    serum-like substance
  97. sputum
    expectorant through the mouth, thick mucus
  98. stenosis
    narrowing of a body opening or passage
  99. stridor
    harsh or high-pitched respiratory sound caused by obstruction of the air passages
  100. syncope
    loss of consciousness, faint
  101. tachycardia
    abnormal rapid heart beat
  102. tachypnea
    abnormally rapid heart beat
  103. tinnitus
    ringing of the ears
  104. turgor
    condition of being distended or swollen, normal fullness
  105. urticaria
    hives, area either redder or paler than surrounding skin with itching
  106. vesicle
    a blister-like small elevation of the skin containing serous fluid
  107. wheeze
    difficulty breathing with a whistling sound resulting from narrowing of the lumen of the respiratory passage
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