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  1. What will the trophoblast will eventually become?
    The Placenta
  2. Where does the Zygote normally implant?
    Upper portion of the Uterus
  3. What are the three germ layers?
    • 1. Endoderm
    • 2. Mesoderm
    • 3. Ectoderm
  4. When is mature surfactant produced?
    During the alveolar period by the Type II alveolar cells
  5. What ratio of lecithin to sphingomyelin determines lung maturity?
    2:1. This usually occurs around week 35
  6. What is looked at during ultrasonography to determine fetal age?
    using measurements of crown-rump length, biparietal diameter, abdominal circumference, and femur length
  7. What is Amniocentesis used to determine?
    • is the sampling of the amniotic fluid for diagnostic purposes
    • Analyzed for:
    • L/S ratio
    • Alpha fetoprotein levels
    • Bilirubin level
    • Creatinine levels
    • Meconium staining
    • Cytology
  8. What is normal fetal heart rate range?
    120 to 160
  9. What is considered bradycardia in a neonate?
  10. What is considered tachycardia in a neonate?
  11. During contractions the heart may accelerate above ___ but should return to baseline within _ minutes. These accelerations are considered normal during contraction
    160; 2
  12. Decelerations occur for less then _ minutes and depending on their characteristics and timing could be threatening or harmless
  13. Early or Type one decelerations closely follow uterine contractions in onset and duration and the heart may decelerate down to __-__ bpm.
    60; 80
  14. Late or Type II decelerations do or do not follow contractions, and occur for how many seconds?
    do not; 10 to 30
  15. Variable or Type III decelerations are ________ of uterine contractions.
  16. What are tests and facts used to determine gestational age?
    • Nagele�s rule is the most common method
    • Fundal height
    • fetal heart rate
    • fetal movement experienced by the mother
  17. How does Nagele�s rule determine Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC)?
    • Three months are subtracted from the first day of the last menstrual period
    • Seven days are then added to determine the EDC
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